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What are the Jets Saying about the Bolts?

Notable comments from the New York Jets in the lead up to the Week 16 match vs. the Los Angeles Chargers:

On Chargers Offense…

"They've obviously very explosive on offense led by (Philip) Rivers.  They have pretty great receivers in (Tyrell) Williams and (Keenan) Allen.  Melvin Gordon is having a heck of a season." – Head Coach Todd Bowles

"(Philip Rivers is) a guy who can make all the throws.  (There's) a lot of talent on the outside.  Keenan is a hell of a ball player. They have a run-first but also a pass (offense) that gets you closer to the line and throwing it over your head.  They have a lot of talent.  Antonio Gates, a Hall of Famer.  I'm looking forward to that matchup." – S Jamal Adams

"We're playing a team with another really good quarterback and a very good offensive line.  They have some special receivers and I think, one of the better running backs in the league.  It's going to be a good challenge." – LB Demario Davis

On Joey Bosa & Melvin Ingram…

"(Bosa) made a great impact coming into the league and along with Ingram, I think they offset each other very well.  They're two hardworking guys, tough guys, intelligent guys and two very hardworking football players.  I think probably if not the best in the league, they're probably 1 and 1A along with Denver's outside linebackers." – Head Coach Todd Bowles

On Philip Rivers…

"Just over the years watching him and coaching against him (you notice) his intelligence which he has in understanding the game.  His accuracy, the way he studies and competes; he's the ultimate competitor. He's highly intelligent and he plays the game at a high level. I respect him." – Head Coach Todd Bowles

"Anybody who's been doing it as long as he has at that level, it just tells you how good of a player he is.  He brings it for four quarters, so we have to be ready." – LB Demario Davis

"As an opponent of his now, we definitely have to be aware of him and get a pass rush on him. He's super accurate.  He's been that way for many years in this league.  He's a really good top-tier quarterback who brings a fire to their team.  You can see that in how he plays and the passion he plays with as well.  We can't let him get going and get started because I think the offense kind of feeds off of him….  He's a dangerous quarterback." – RB Matt Forte

On Antonio Gates…

*"He's crafty.  Knows how to get open for his quarterback (and) knows where the quarterback wants to go with the ball.  Even though he's older, he's still very athletic.  You have to be on top of your game when covering him." – LB Demario Davis *

On Chargers Defense…

"They're very well-coached on defense obviously with the two pass rushes of Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa, and Brandon Mebane on the inside.  The corners are very smart and they have ballhawks in the secondary." – Head Coach Todd Bowles

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