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What are the Jaguars Saying about the Bolts?

Notable comments from the Jacksonville Jaguars in the lead up to the Week 10 match vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

On Offensive Weapons….

"(Keenan) Allen is a targeted guy, heck of a player, done an outstanding job.  (Melvin Gordon) can run the ball, has speed, power, breaks tackles, so (he) will be a challenge for us. Tyrell Williams is another good player.  They're moving those three receivers around, which is helping them quite a bit.  We know (Travis) Benjamin is a hell of a punt returner. Great with yards after the catch once he gets his hands on the ball. Last year they put an effort into re-tooling the offensive line, and they're playing well. (Antonio) Gates is Hall of Fame player.  (Hunter) Henry had an outstanding rookie year and is a dangerous weapon for them." – Head Coach Doug Marrone


On Philip Rivers….

"I think it's pretty cool (how he talks trash). I mean, you play a position that's not necessarily viewed as a tough guy position, (so) you're usually viewed as the soft guys, the quarterback that nobody is allowed to touch or hit or all that stuff. I think guys don't always feel as though you can say stuff because you're not necessarily doing the things that other guys are doing. So anytime a quarterback gets in there, says anything, it cracks me up." – QB Blake Bortles

"He has played against our team six times and he hasn't lost versus us since 2010. I think he has thrown for 18 touchdowns, two interceptions, 133 quarterback rating, with the one system. Thrown for a little over 300 yards, averaging three touchdowns a game. You are talking about a player that has probably played as well against our team as any player that has ever played." – Head Coach Doug Marrone

"He's going to be a guy who's going to put on a gold jacket (for the Hall of Fame). He's proven to a lot of different teams he can throw the ball and orchestrate their offense. He's a big problem to deal with. There's no doubt. He's had some good success against us, and we've got to do the best we can to try to contain him." – Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash

On Gus Bradley….

"I'm very grateful to Gus because he was the guy that was here when I was drafted to come here. He was a guy that believed in me from the very beginning. I'm very grateful for that… I think Gus was part of the creation of the foundation here. A lot of the draft classes that came in and are now a big part of the team were taken under him. He's definitely a big part of that, for sure." – QB Blake Bortles

"He's an outstanding coach, everywhere he's been as defensive coordinator, the group has played well and with a lot of effort.  You know you're going to get the most out of them.  He puts players in the best position he can to make plays. He's an outstanding coach and a better person…A lot of us, as coaches and players, are here because of Gus. We appreciate that. The transition, I don't know if it helped because I was OL coach, but it's very difficult when you don't win enough games.  But at end of the day, we appreciate Gus bringing us here and the way he and his family treated us." – Head Coach Doug Marrone


On Denzel Perryman….

"They get the middle linebacker back. He's really the heart and soul of the defense. He's an outstanding football player. I've seen him coming out, watching him play when we played against him. He's someone who can make a ton of tackles." – Head Coach Doug Marrone

On Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa….

"Eight and a half (sacks), I think both of them have. They're both extremely impressive in different fashion. I think Ingram is extremely quick around the edge. Bosa (is quick) too, but I think he's a powerful guy. Those are two guys that we'll have to account for and help out with, doing different stuff to try and slow them down…. You put two guys like that on the same side (and) there has to be all kinds of attention paid over there because they can rush, they can play different games with each other and do different things. It's definitely something we have to keep an eye on and make sure we're accounting for those two guys where they're at." – QB Blake Bortles

"(Ingram's) quick as a cat now. He's got good power, both inside and out. Has a really good get off. Bosa is obviously a bigger player. His dad, a first-round draft pick, played at Boston College. We played against him when I was at Syracuse (and) was with him in Miami.  So from a technical standpoint, (he has) his hands and things like that and different types of moves. He's outstanding. You can't look at him like a two-year player.  Technically he's as good as anyone you would see as far as hand usage and movement.  Both guys have unbelievable motors. They really do. They're constantly working to the quarterback or to the play. You're going to have your hands full all with those two players." – Head Coach Doug Marrone

"We are very aware that they have a talented defensive front.  It's just a matter of continuing doing the things that made us successful and going out there and executing. We can't hurt ourselves or give them opportunities to hurt us. We are guys that take pride in trying to meet expectations and continue to meet expectations that we have for ourselves." – LG Patrick Omameh

On Hayes Pullard….

"It is always tough when you have good players and you have to make decisions. He did a hell of a job when he was here. Good kid. Played well. I have a past with him because when I was at Syracuse, he was at USC playing linebacker. He was a starter there. We understand and know that and appreciate everything he did here. We know he is a good football player and he is playing well." – Head Coach Doug Marrone

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