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What are the Chiefs Saying about the Bolts?

Notable comments from the Kansas City Chiefs in the lead up to the Week 3 match vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

On Philip Rivers….

"You're probably not going to surprise him.  He's been doing this a long time.  The thing that kind of amazes me about the guy is that it doesn't matter who you put in with him, he's going to come in and say, 'We're going to get after it.'  No matter who is playing for him, or who he's playing against, that's how he approaches a game." – Head Coach Andy Reid

"Philip is one of the great quarterbacks since he stepped into the league.  He's a guy that's a leader regardless of their record or their team.  He always rallies the troops.  I love playing against him.  He's fun to play against. He challenges you in every way possible. It's a division game, so he knows us and we know him.  It's going to be a close game.  It's going to come down to the wire, so it's going to be a fun atmosphere." – LB Derrick Johnson

On Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa….

"They fly around, they're real physical. Their bookends there with (Melvin) Ingram and (Joey) Bosa, they're fast, they complement each other really well (and) they get after the quarterback. Ingram right now is playing at a really high level and so I think it starts there. He's an experienced defensive end, and then the rest of those guys all complement each other really well." – Offensive Coordinator Matt Nagy

"It's every week.  The entire division has really good guys that can get after the passer.  It's no different to have two guys like this.  To have Ingram playing as good as he is, and Bosa, those are two guys who (are) both really, really good players.  They are physical and can get after you in both the run and the pass. So they present a unique problem. When you have two edge guys who are playing at a high level like they are, it makes things tough.  You've got to be on it." – QB Alex Smith

On Keenan Allen….

"He's a great route-runner, that's what he is.  He's got tools, too.  But I think he's one of the better route-runners in this league.  He's got a lot of other things but if you had to just say (one), he's a crisp route runner." – Head Coach Andy Reid

"Highly competitive guy. He's very explosive in and out of his cuts. Every route he runs, he runs hard. Whether he's the primary guy or not, he runs like he's getting the ball every play. Very willing to take the underneath pass, go over the middle. He's just a really good football player. And like I said, he's competitive, he's got great skills catching the ball, he can do it in traffic. He's just a good football player." – Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton

On Bolts' Defense….

"They can mix it up.  They play fast. They're a physical group. They know what they're doing; there's not many (missed assignments).  They rarely get tricked. Their eyes are all on a good spot." – QB Alex Smith

On Melvin Gordon….

"Usually when they play us, they make it a point to run the ball.  They've had some success running the ball against us the last few times we've played them.  I don't think they'll shy away from (using him)….They are going to come at us, be aggressive and run the ball.  And they should.  That's how you set the tempo." – LB Derrick Johnson

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