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What are the Chiefs Saying about the Bolts?


On Philip Rivers…

"Amazing guy. I was lucky enough to coach him in the Pro Bowl and you could see why he's been successful. He loves the game…he loves football and he's been blessed. He's got talent, he grew up with it with his dad being a coach and he kind of knows where everybody's at and keeps himself in good shape. He's fearless in there." – Head Coach Andy Reid

"I remember watching the Chargers when it was Philip, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates and all those guys. Watching him growing up, it's kind of surreal to get to play against him now, but he's still playing at a really, really high level and so it's going to be great to get to compete against a quarterback of that stature." – QB Patrick Mahomes

"You're not going to trick Philip Rivers. … This is a guy that really prides himself on studying and understanding defenses and understanding the players on the defenses. … He's the ultimate competitor. … You appreciate how he plays the game, I'll say that as a coach. You appreciate what he does, how aggressive he is on the field, the things he does. He does some really good things out there that only happen because of how he prepared." – Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton

On Chargers defense…

"They have a ton of talent everywhere. They have had it for the last couple years and they seem like they just keep adding plug-in players. For us, we are going to try to attack and use our strengths and our weapons that we have. Hopefully, we can put up some points and get a win." – QB Patrick Mahomes

"They're very sound at what they do. They might not run a lot of man, but they play well together as a team, and obviously, their defensive front is one of the best in the league." – TE Travis Kelce

"They're playing fast. You see what they've done in the preseason. I think Gus Bradley's done a tremendous job with getting those guys to rally behind him." – Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy

On Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram…

"You could argue that they are one of the best combinations in the league. It was seen last year with their production and looks like they picked right back up with it in the preseason. Ninety-nine (Bosa) hasn't played a ton, but the other guy (Ingram) has. They are fast and aggressive. It's a great challenge. You wouldn't want anything else on the first game. What a great opportunity. Good football team and those two are good football players." – Head Coach Andy Reid

"With the whole entire defense, they're two top of the league pass rushers that I know will really try to get after the quarterback and really get in the run game as well. For me, we have a veteran offensive line that has gotten to play against them so hopefully they can help neutralize them but at the same time, it's going to be a tough task for those guys." – QB Patrick Mahomes

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On Chargers offseason…

"I thought they had a tremendous draft. It looks like those kids are playing well for them right now. It looks like they added speed and then…there's something with the water down there because Philip Rivers keeps getting better. I thought he had a real good training camp there with those preseason games." – Head Coach Andy Reid

On Antonio Gates…

"He's a Hall of Fame player, so he knows how to take care of himself and do all that stuff. So that's how we're preparing for him. We know all that doesn't really matter (signing earlier this week). Heck, I brought a guy back after two years to play in the Super Bowl. This guy just got done playing. He'll be ready to go, and we're preparing to play against Antonio Gates – the Antonio Gates. No different." – Head Coach Andy Reid

"He's one of the best ever. You never count a guy out like that – first ballot Hall of Famer – you don't ever count a guy out like that. … He's still one of the best. He still can catch, he still can run, can do all of that. And we saw that last year, he scored a touchdown on us." – LB Reggie Ragland

On Keenan Allen…

"He's a good football player. They move him around the field a lot, they know how to give him the football, he can make yards after the catch, so he can pretty much do it all. When you get a guy that's versatile like that who can make plays, you definitely (have) to come prepared." – CB Kendall Fuller

"He has some of the same characteristics Philip (Rivers) has. He is really intense. He is a high-level competitor. Really good at his craft. Understands how to run routes. Knows the defender and what he likes to do." – Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton

On Derwin James…

"I see a good football player who plays hard. He's hungry, he's playing fast and he's a very, very good football player. There's a reason why he was drafted as high as he was and like I said, they've got a good football team." – Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy

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