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What are the Browns Saying about the Bolts?

Notable comments from the Cleveland Browns in the lead up to the Week 13 match vs. the Los Angeles Chargers:

On Charges Offense…

"I think their head coach has done an outstanding job of changing the culture of what he wants it to be.  He has a tremendous quarterback in Philip Rivers who's not just a great quarterback, he's also a great leader." – Head Coach Hue Jackson

"He's been playing great.  His guys have been catching the ball great for him and making plays after the catch.  They've got a change of pace back (in Austin Ekeler) who is really good who comes in.  we've just got to be on our keys and be great (in) man-to-man coverage and great tacklers.  Just try to manipulate what we see to try to give us a great shot to win this game." – S Jabrill Peppers

"They're hot right now.  (Keenan Allen) is playing at a high level right now.  Philip Rivers is a smart quarterback.  He's seen about everything that a defense can run.  Then, their running game is solid.  They're doing some things well that they didn't do last year.  Especially, with Keenan back and things like that.  They're explosive right now and they're a hot team right now." – LB Christian Kirksey

On Keenan Allen…

"His moves and the way he is able to move makes him a very, very tough challenge just to be able to cover one-on-one," McCourty said. "He is just making plays all over the field. I mean his last two games have been as good as any receiver in the league this year." – CB Jason McCourty

*"He's dominated the National Football League. Obviously, the game against Dallas was sensational. But that's who Keenan's been ever since I've known him, since he's come out of Cal.  He's been a tremendous player.  He's just had some injury setbacks in his career, but he's always been a really good football player….When you watch him move, his ankles – I hate to say it that way – but his ankles are like he can stop and move and go in another direction really quickly and stay at full speed," Jackson said. "He is a good player, really is." – Head Coach Hue Jackson *

On Travis Benjamin…

"Any time you have a speed guy who can make guys miss, you have to be alert.  But they also have Keenan Allen, too.  We can't just show (Benjamin) that much attention and not Keenan.  But, we're confident in the guys we have here….  He's not the first fast receiver we've played, but he is fast.  They call him 'Rabbit' around here and you don't (just) get that name for any reason!  So, we're aware of him but they have a lot of guys you have to be aware of." – S Jabrill Peppers

On Melvin Gordon…

"Melvin is a great back.  He knows how to find the seam, find the hole.  Once he sees it, he can explode through a gap.  We've just got to make sure we play sound on our part, do our job and (have) every individual be in the right spaces at the right time.  If we do that, I think we'll take care of ourselves." – LB Christian Kirksey

On Chargers defense…

*"They're talented.  They have two of the better pass rushes in the league with Joey (Bosa) and Melvin (Ingram) coming off the edge.  We're going to have to do our best to make sure we contain that.  As a quarterback, (you have to) make sure you keep those guys in mind when you're moving throughout the pocket and continue to take what the defense gives us….  They have a pretty stout front seven and their DBs are experienced.  It's going to be a team where you have to go into it and take what the defense gives you." – Head Coach Hue Jackson *

On Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa…

*"It is not fair. That is not fair. They are good. One has 10 sacks and the other has 8.5 sacks so that is 18.5 sacks between the two. They are both really good players. They both go after the quarterback relentlessly. They have done it to every quarterback that they have played against, not just one in particular. They hit the quarterback. They are good at what they do. We have to do everything we can to combat that. It is a tall challenge, but we started towards that process today. We have some work to do to get ready. For three hours on Sunday, we have to be at our best." – Head Coach Hue Jackson *

"I think it's their ability to play off of one, each other and two, I just think it's their own God-given ability.  Both of them are very, very talented players (and are) some of the best in the National Football League at what they do.  I think it's the scheme that Gus has really created that's given them a chance to really get after the quarterback and that's what they've done." – QB DeShone Kizer

On Casey Hayward…

"Competes. He is a Pro Bowl corner. He competes. He gets his hands on balls. He is always contesting catches. I think he studies the game. I think he is probably a really good student of the game and understands what offensive teams are trying to do. He makes plays." – Head Coach hue Jackson

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