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What are the Broncos Saying About the Bolts?


On the Chargers team…

"I thought last year was the best overall Chargers team that I played (in) my time here, and this year they're a whole lot better. They've got Derwin James. Their secondary's crazy. Offensive line is still solid. They've still got Philip Rivers, one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League. They've got Antonio Gates back, Virgil (Green). They've got a solid ass team there. We're going to have our hands full to go out there and play." – OLB Von Miller

"They're running the football. They're taking ownership giving (Melvin) Gordon the ball and riding him. Phil is playing smart and they've adopted the college offense like everybody else – tons of jet sweeps, tons of motions and some little sprinkle of RPO." – CB Chris Harris Jr.

"It's crazy. Their second downs are short and they're rarely in third down. Doing a good job (defending) on first down, obviously in the run and pass game, is going to be critical to winning series. I mean, 7.6 (average yards) on first down, that's almost a first down on every first down they play." – Head Coach Vance Joseph

On Philip Rivers…

"I'm a huge Philip Rivers fan. I've been around the guy for eight years now, mostly Pro Bowls together. He's a Hall of Fame elite quarterback. I feel like he's always played great. This year he's playing great. ... He's accurate as hell. … I've got his jersey hanging up in my basement right next to Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. I've got a whole lot of respect for Philip in his game and I've got a whole lot of respect for him as a person. He's an incredible father, he's incredible on and off the football field, so I've got a lot of respect for Philip." – OLB Von Miller

"He's cool, he's a leader. He's one of those guys that leads by example and I just love his competitive spirit. You don't have to curse and stuff to be tough. You can be just as tough without cursing. But that's the type of person he is, he's a great leader, he leads this team. He's been leading this team for years now. One of the best quarterbacks in the game, I think. He's always on point with delivering the ball and getting rid of the ball on time…" – NT Domata Peko Sr.

"I think Philip is playing team ball. I think it's hard for a guy like Philip, who's in my opinion, a first ballot Hall of Famer, to do less to help his team win, so that speaks to the person. He's a coach's son, so he understands that the team comes first and winning is the ultimate goal. I've watched him do a lot less at the line of scrimmage, but it's worked for his football team. It obviously equals winning. When I watch Philip, I see a guy that's taking care of the football." – Head Coach Vance Joseph

On Melvin Gordon…

"First of all, I think Gordon is a special, special player. We played Todd Gurley this year, and when you watch those two run, it's very, very similar skill sets. (They are) big guys that are really fast through the hole, that can make you miss and also run through you. Both guys are great in the screen game. I would compare him to Todd Gurley." – Head Coach Vance Joseph

"He's playing lights out and the crazy thing is, he's kind of similar with Philip. He's always played great. Melvin Gordon and Philip Rivers, they've always played great, they've always won games, they just look dominant as hell this year." – OLB Von Miller

"Gordon is a hell of a back and he's probably one of the better backs in the league. We definitely have to put hands on him, get him on his back…" – NT Domata Peko Sr.

On Austin Ekeler…

"He's a good little player. He is. He's averaging, I think, about 5.6 (yards) a carry. When he's in the football game, you have to account for him. They have groups where he's in the game with Melvin (Gordon) and he's running the jet sweeps and the screen game, so they do a good job with their personnel." – Head Coach Vance Joseph

On Chargers offensive line…

"(Michael) Schofield playing guard now. Russell (Okung), when he was here, he was good and he's good over there so it's not like we can pick on those guys. Those guys are talented. They've got a pretty stacked offensive line. Probably one of the best offensive lines that I've played with the (Los Angeles) Chargers. They've got (Mike) Pouncey in the middle, Okung on the left and (Sam) Tevi on the right. And the backup for Tevi is pretty good too, Joseph Barksdale. They're pretty stout up front." – OLB Von Miller

On Chargers defense…

"When I watched their run defense, I think it starts with (Corey) Liuget and (Brandon) Mebane inside. Those two guys are big guys and they're hard to move, so for us to have any success running the football on Sunday morning, we have to move those guys out of there. That's going to be hard to do." – Head Coach Vance Joseph

On Derwin James…

"He's talented and he shows up on film. You don't just line him up, he shows up on film making tackles, making plays on the ball. He's a guy that we've got our antennas up and we're going to know where he's at at all times and have a plan for him." – QB Case Keenum

"Derwin James is a special player. He's a strong safety for them, so he's in the box all the time. He's blitzing, he's a force player, he's covering tight ends, he's their Kam Chancellor and that's where they use him. He's a playmaker. He can sack the quarterback, he can make plays in the pass game, he can cover all of your tight ends, so he's definitely a special player." – Head Coach Vance Joseph

"He's done a super job. They've evolved a little bit over the last three or four weeks of getting him close to the line of scrimmage and keeping him out of the post. … He's definitely making a lot of plays the closer he is to the line of scrimmage." – Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave

On Melvin Ingram…

"Melvin is probably one of my best friends in the whole entire National Football League. I've got a lot of friends around the National Football League, but Melvin Ingram, that's my guy. Melvin Ingram, he's playing lights out. He's always been an elite pass rusher, but I think this year he's highlighted a little bit more. Nobody can block him one-on-one. The offense, they're going to have to have a solid game to get him out of the backfield." – OLB Von Miller

"They've got some talented guys. You guys all know about (Melvin) Ingram and what he can do. He shows up all over the tape, no matter where they line him up. They've got some guys that can rush the passer, so our guys have our work cut out for us." – QB Case Keenum

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