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What are the 49ers Saying About the Bolts?


Notable comments from the San Francisco 49ers in the lead up to the Week 4 match against the Chargers.

On Philip Rivers…

"Everyone knows Philip's one of the best quarterbacks in the league, to me one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. I still think Philip is underrated because I don't think people appreciate him enough on how good he is. There's a reason they're a top offense every single year, regardless of what happens. He's the man and you have to play as good as you can, you have to be sound (because) he's going to attack you aggressively with his arm and his mind. He is going to take shots because he's not scared to fail and you've got to stop his big plays." – Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

On Derwin James…

"He looks exactly like what we expected. He looks like the guy at Florida State who was doing great in the passing game, doing great in the running game, going and sacking quarterbacks as a pass rusher if he had to. I thought he was one of the better players in the draft and he's showing it already in these first three games and I think we were shocked that he was able to fall so far in the draft. You guys got a hell of a player there." – Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

On Chargers defense…

"It's a lot of the same style of defense that we've gone against in camp and OTAs and stuff. Obviously, they sprinkle in some different things and do different things. I'm sure there'll be some new things that they're going to game plan against us that you've got to be prepared for. But, the base stuff is there. They're a three-deep team and so are we. Obviously, having gone against a defense like that helps, but you can never count on it, what they're doing. There's always something different." – QB C.J. Beathard

On Mike Williams…

"He's got size and he's got very good hands. He's a guy who can get open but even when he's not open, he's a guy who can make that play pretty consistently because of his hands and his hand-eye coordination." – Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

On Head Coach Anthony Lynn…

"I think I was in ninth grade since I've known him. I've always kept in touch with him since he got into coaching. He's been one of the most impressive people I've been around. I know he was always one of my dad's favorite players, he was always one of my favorite people as a kid and he hasn't changed in the last 20 years. He's a person I consider a very close friend." – Head Coach Kyle Shanahan

The Chargers continue to prep for their upcoming home matchup versus the San Francisco 49ers.

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