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Week 4 Fantasy Advice


The voice of the Chargers Matt "Money" Smith, 49ers writer David Lombardi of The Athletic and James Koh of DIRECTV'S Fantasy Zone were guests on Thursday's episode of Chargers Weekly.

Among the topics: Smith previews Sunday's matchup against the 49ers (:40), Lombardi provides this week's opposing view from Santa Clara (15:30) and Koh helps fantasy owners with their Week 4 lineups (35:35). Highlights from each interview are below.

Smith on the key to victory against San Francisco:

"Getahead, and let your defense breathe. You know, that's -- that I think is the key, is like we saw in that Buffalo game; when you get up, the defense is going to be much more effective just because they're down men right now. So, that to me is the key against the 49ers -- if you can get that 10-14-point lead, it's going to come easy, I think, to that defense. If you got to chase, it gets a lot tougher."

Lombardi on how the absence of cornerback Richard Sherman affects the 49ers defense:

"Well, nobody was throwing at Richard Sherman and if you go by that metric he was playing the best football of his career, which is crazy. I mean, this is the best cornerback over the last six, seven years, right? … But even in his prime in Seattle, people were testing him a little bit, probably because they had to because the rest of that secondary had some talent, so you could make the argument that the reason that teams have only thrown at Richard Sherman six times all year – and they've only completed one pass against him. … But the fact that teams aren't testing him at all probably tells you that the 49ers have some other unproven pieces (in the secondary)."

Koh on Austin Ekeler's nice start to the season:

"I don't think you would find a fantasy analyst that was bigger on Austin Ekeler than I was coming into the preseason because again: My whole take on Austin Ekeler was, you're getting this guy in (the) 14th, 15thround. You're getting this guy for free. He's going to have a role that is similar to (running back) Tarik Cohen in Chicago (in) that Cohen is going in the eighth or ninth round. If you like Cohen, you should love Austin Ekeler. And I love Austin Ekeler, and it's been great to see him really come through statistically the first three weeks of the season, so that's been nice."

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