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Top 10 Quotes From Day 4 of Training Camp


Take a look at some of the top quotes from the fourth day of Chargers training camp.

1) Linebacker Kenneth Murray on having the fans back at training camp

"It's kind of a completely different vibe compared to last year. Obviously, last year there was nobody out here and nobody in the stands. It's good to have the fans back, have their energy here. We definitely feed off of their energy. It's just good to have people out here cheering you on."

2) Wide receiver Mike Williams on the fans being at camp

"It's lit. This is the most lit [camp has been in a couple of years], for sure. It's a Saturday and there were a lot of people out here. We're going to enjoy the energy. There was a lot of energy out here. I feel like we played off that energy today. Like I said earlier, we made a lot of plays. We're looking forward to having them at SoFi and getting this thing going."

3) Defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill on what's impressed him through the first four days

"The energy and the amount of volume that we've been able to get in. We've already entered in the red zone and third-down [installations]. Today was a good mix to get them all in; first, second and third down, then move into the red zone on the final period. We're maximizing our time in the meeting rooms and trying to get it on the field, and if not on the field in practice, then making sure that we get it in the walk-throughs."

4) Murray on the defense

"I feel good, I feel like we have a good group. I feel like we have every piece that we need to be a dominant defense in the NFL. Like I said, it just comes back to the little things and us taking it to who we want to take it to. I think that starts with us as inside linebackers. I try to tell the inside linebackers every day that the defense will only go as high as we take it. We have to set the tone. We have to come out here and be the pace-makers for the defense."

5) Williams on QB Justin Herbert entering year two

"He's more poised. He has communicated a little bit more. The way he speaks, he knows what he's saying and knows what to do. He knows how to put everybody in the right spots. That's what we need in a quarterback — a leader. He has become that. He has become more vocal. We're excited for the season."

6) Hill on what stands out about Derwin James Jr.

"Explosion. Just his explosion, his power, getting to the ball. He's quarterbacking. He's signaling everything in. A lot of the time, his back is turned to us, so he's going through all of the paces and getting all of the calls into the guys, but when he lines up and plays, I'm seeing him go from sideline to sideline. We talk about 'I see you's' as point productions that we want to talk about. Every time I look up the 'I see you's' on the sheet, Derwin probably has seven or eight throughout the practice."

Take a look at some of the best photos from the fourth day of Chargers Training Camp 2021.

7) Hill on James Jr. as the signal-caller

"It's great for us because he's always on the field. He has command. We wanted to give it to him early. He's the one reciting those calls out and giving it to us. That's a good component of having Nas [S Nasir Adderley] back there because when Derwin's back is turned away, Nas has to be the one to recite everything and get everybody lined up so that when he does break the huddle, he knows exactly where everybody need to go. It's going to be a tag-team tandem back there with those two guys really working. But, we like the command that Derwin brings with being a signal-caller."

8) Williams on goals for the season

"As a team, win the division. Get to the playoffs and hopefully get to the Super Bowl. That's the main thing. The Super Bowl is here in LA. We want to for sure be part of that, but first, we have to win the division. Take over this division, make the playoffs and get this thing rolling."

9) Murray on padded practices

"Well, that's real football. Point. Blank. Period. I mean, I've been waiting for this. For me, to be honest, it's kind of hard for me to practice without pads on because I'm such a physical and aggressive guy. I always want to put my hands on somebody. I always want to hit somebody, so it's kind of hard doing it without pads. Now, I can kind of just cut it loose. That's what I'm going to do on Monday, is just cut it loose."

10) Williams on why he cut his hair

"I was back home in South Carolina and I told my mom I was going to cut it one morning and she didn't believe me. So, the first day I got out here I just cut it off."

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