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Top 10 Quotes from 2 Days of Camp


Take a look at some of the top quotes from the first few practices of Chargers Training Camp.

1) Head Coach Brandon Staley on the first practice of training camp:

"I like the rhythm of the practice. I felt like from the moment that we got to the facility this morning, everybody was ready and that we were prepared. We got to the field, had our activation, then we went into our stretch. I felt like that was really well-organized. We're trying to make that a winning edge for us, how we start practice. I thought that the administration of practice — being brand new, knowing exactly where everyone is on the field, the transition time, where the hydration break is — I felt like it was about as clean as you could hope for. Really proud of the coaching staff, our sports performance staff and our players. They're the real studs. They came out here today and competed. I felt like it was a smooth practice, for the first time being out there together."

2) Quarterback Justin Herbert on if he 'has a pretty good grasp' of the playbook at this point:

"I feel like I do. You can always be better, though. That's the challenge about playing quarterback, realizing that you have so much more room to grow. These next couple of weeks are important for us. [QB] Easton Stick and [QB] Chase Daniel, when we sit down in that QB meeting, we have to be solid. We have to work together and we have to get better. It's a great quarterback room. Everyone together, alongside of the coaches, I think we've done a great job. There's just so much knowledge being passed around that I think we're all going to get a lot better."

3) Safety Derwin James on competing against WR Keenan Allen today:

"It's good, first day. It was our first day out here. Keenan and I have been training over the offseason, as you can see. We've been rehabbing together, and we've been training. We're just helping each other, Keenan has been helping me a lot, just getting back out here. It feels good."

4) Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi on evaluating the wide receivers unit:

"One, the evaluation of the players, and not just who is going to be on the roster filling that third receiver spot and all of those questions, but exactly what these guys do well. Then, maybe what some of their weaknesses are. Our job, as coaches, is to put guys into the right positions to utilize their strengths and maybe to minimize things that might not be a strength. Learning each individual player is really the most important part. Then, obviously, them getting the offense that we can go and execute when the season hits. As a coach, you're really trying to figure out the personality of each one of these guys as a player. As we're putting gameplans together, we're putting all of the guys in the right spots so that they have their best chance to succeed."

5) Wide Receiver Keenan Allen on Herbert this offseason:

"He has more confidence. Knowing the plays, knowing what to do, knowing what to look at, knowing where to throw the ball and when to throw it. Last year, he was just calling the play and not really knowing what was going on. If you call a whole play and tag one person, you're probably going to throw it to that one person. Now, you know the whole concept, know everything that's going on and what you need to look at."

6) Edge Defender Joey Bosa on switching to OLB in Head Coach Brandon Staley's defensive scheme:

"It's not as much the athletic part of it as it's just seeing in the field, understanding the formation, seeing shifts, getting the calls. I got to call last year. It was my call. I line up and do what I have to do. Maybe there's a couple of checks here and there. But, there's a lot going on. There's a lot of moving pieces. I think it's great. It's a dynamic defense. A good defense shouldn't be easy to learn in two days, so it's a fun challenge. Usually, I'm coming in here and I'm solely focused on how I'm rushing each day, which is another dynamic. I get to judge myself on another level, and it's fun. But yeah, it's just going to take time. Obviously, seeing it live is a lot different than sitting at home and reviewing on my book. I'm going to make a few mistakes here and there, but by the time camp is over, I'm sure it'll be second nature."

7) Head Coach Brandon Staley on what has 'kept him awake over the last few nights':

"Not much. I sleep really well. I know how hard we prepare. It's not what keeps you up at night, it's what wakes you up early. That's how I look at it. We put in a lot of work from January to June, but the NFL kind of season starts now when you out helmets and shoulder pads on and it's training camp, when games are upon you. We're all excited to play football together and compete. What makes it feel real is when you come into the parking lot and you see a bunch of a kids getting ready to watch training camp and you see fans in the stands wearing our guys' jerseys and our colors. This game is a lot more special with fans and with you guys here. It's such a different atmosphere. It feels so much more like football. I'm so thankful for it."

8) Quarterback Justin Herbert on having fans at practice:

"It's been a long time since playing with fans. I think it's an awesome opportunity for them to come out here and watch football. It's just great to be back out here on the field. The sun is up, the guys are out here and it's just fun. It's a great environment to get better and to play football. I'm really looking forward to the season and to having fans, as well."

9) Wide receiver Keenan Allen on what artist he compares his game to:

"Picasso. The best of the best. Michelangelo, them boys. Sistine Chapel, stuff like that."

10) Safety Derwin James on becoming a new father:

"Amazing! It's a different feeling. I'm pretty sure everyone out here got kids. It changes you, man. It's an amazing feeling."

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