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Top 10 Quotes from Day 15 of Training Camp


Hear what the Bolts had to say after day 15 of Training Camp.

1. Joe Lombardi on the benefits of joint practices:

"I think both the practices and the game are invaluable. You can get used to looking at the same defense, the same players. You learn tendencies. You learn how guys play against each other. Getting some fresh looks in here, some new looks, it's a different structure than what we're otherwise looking at every day. Seeing our guys go up against a different set of defenders in one-on-one drills, team drills, and seven-on-seven, it gives you a good barometer for where you are. They force us to look at a different structures and how to identify and attack them. It's extremely valuable for both getting your team ready to play and getting an evaluation on players. I think it infuses the players with a little bit of energy; I felt like we were a little tired today, and when a team with a different colored jersey comes out there, it's natural that the adrenaline starts rushing. Those practices end up being a little faster. It's important for a variety of facets."

2. Renaldo Hill on the joint practices with the 49ers on Thursday and Friday:

"When you get another team in here, it allows you not to be casual at any point. They have something to prove, we have something to prove. We want to get better as a unit. We're going up against a good ball club. I think that it's going to force our hand and it's going to force their hand a little bit. Everybody wants to play at their highest level when going against another ball club."

3. Uchenna Nwosu on the biggest asset that he's learned from playing alongside Bosa:

"Definitely in the pass rush because you know that is what he's known for. He has taught me a lot of different moves — how to beat certain guys and what to look for, just different things like that. Joey is a craftsman himself. He works every day, and as you guys can see, he's one of the best in the league. As much as information I can get from him, it will help my game a lot more."

4. Renaldo Hill on the athleticism in the linebacker group:

"Having two guys who can play in space and can run, obviously, they can erase a lot of plays for us. As far as the scheme, we can do a lot of different things knowing that they can cover some skill players. That helps us a lot. That helps us with trying to protect our shell on the back end. Those guys are valuable pieces with what they can do from the linebacker position, being able to play in space."

5. Uchenna Nwosu on Head Coach Brandon Staley 'catering' the defense to the personnel:

"He gives us different opportunities to win as a whole team. With the different looks, you know it questions the offense. You have to think a little more. We are not just going to line up and go, so it gives us an advantage of being one step ahead of our opponent. For me, personally, it has allowed for me to be who I am, which is an athlete. I have been able to rush the passer, drop in coverage, switch it up, do what I do best."

6. Joe Lombardi on the pace of substitution against the Rams:

"I think it was really clean, as far as coaches making substitutions. I was up in the box and it was seamless. Our pace was good, getting up to the line of scrimmage and getting the ball snapped. I think that's what we were aiming for and hoping for in the first preseason game. The operation was clean, and I think that's a credit to the coaches getting their guys ready. Preseason can be difficult sometimes with all the players; it's drilled down a little more in the regular season. I thought the players and the coaches did a really good job of getting guys in and out of the huddle. We changed personnel a lot, and I didn't see a lot of confusion; 12 guys in the huddle or the huddle breaking late. I was really happy with that."

7. Renaldo Hill on Justin Herbert

"It's tough when a guy can make all of the throws. Even when you're scheming to maybe take certain things away, he's finding those open throws — or, just even the easy throws. We may undress the field side in a three-by-one [receiver] situation, and he can laser it out there, and a guy can catch it for five [yards], and if he has space, he's getting 10. There are some things that he can do that a lot of other people can't do. It makes it tough on our defense. We have to calm our guys down that that is the access throw, so just rally up and tackle it. We'll move the down around if we want to take that away. That's always challenging when you are going up against him. I know that we're just going against him in practice, but if we were in a game, we would have to be constant with moving the down around not to let him get those access throws or let him not know where the access is at."

8. Renaldo Hill on if the joint practices serve as a form of 'preseason work' for the veteran players that aren't going to play in preseason games:

"Definitely. We made it a huge point that we're going to put these practices — the practice today, yesterday — that we're going to surround it around those starters because they were missing those preseason opportunities. Along with those joint practices, there are a lot of things that we want to continue to work on as a group. We'll make it an emphasis for those guys to help us move forward as a defense. It definitely will be an emphasis this week for us moving forward with that starter group."

9. Joe Lombardi on WR Josh Palmer:

He's a guy that's been very consistent, reliable. He has good hands, he's a good route-runner. He's strong, I think you saw that in the game. He works hard too; he gets a lot of work out there. He keeps making plays, so we're really pleased with him."

"You saw him catch some balls in traffic and some bang-bang plays where he got hit right after catching. He just has that overall strength that lends itself to that kind of game. It didn't manifest itself in the game, but he can get downfield as well. Not every catch needs to be six yards, but there were a lot of third-and-short conversions that were huge that he made for us. The situation kind of dictated that in some ways but we're really excited about him."

10. Joe Lombardi on G/T Brenden Jaimes:

 "He's another guy who is a really good athlete and a smart player, a hard-working player. I think his arrow is going up. Certainly, with every rookie, especially at that position, there are things he can improve. It's such an experienced, cerebral position. You think offensive line and it's not just banging your head. There's so much to it as far as setting against different techniques and different players. I see a guy that's going to be a really solid offensive lineman for years."

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