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Top 10 Quotes from Day 14 of Training Camp

The Los Angeles Chargers practice at Training Camp on Monday, August 16, 2021 at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa, California.
The Los Angeles Chargers practice at Training Camp on Monday, August 16, 2021 at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa, California.

Hear what the Bolts had to say after day 14 of Training Camp.

1. Brandon Staley on keeping three quarterbacks on the active roster:

"I think it's too early to say that. I know that I'm glad that we have all three. Both [QB] Chase [Daniel] and [QB] Easton [Stick] played well the other night. I know that they make us better in practice. From my experience in the league and understanding quarterbacks in general, I know that all three of those guys are assets to our football team, the top three guys. With Easton, every time that he goes out there, it's such an important experience for him, when you take into consideration that last year really didn't happen for him. He's still a really young player, so every time that he goes out there, there's something that he is learning that's helping his game out. We're really fortunate to have Chase, someone that's familiar with this offense, someone that can operate at a high level, someone that really knows the game, knows the league, and someone that can really be a great resource for Easton, Justin [Herbert] and [Pass Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach] Shane [Day]. That's an important part of being a backup in this league. I think Chase has been outstanding in that role so far."

2. Kyler Fackrell on the defense's performance on Saturday night:

"I think we played great. There were definitely some mistakes. However, as far as the way we played, flying around killing blocks, making tackles, and hitting, you can tell that the inside linebacker group, they love it. They are deep - they are guys that can play all the way back to the second group, third group. We played well. Obviously, it's just the first pre-season game and not everyone was playing, but it was definitely a big step in the right direction."

3. Kyzir White on the goals for the season:

"We know we want to be a top-five defense. We want to create turnovers. We want to play fast and run to the ball at all times throughout the game. Even when we're tired, fatigued, we want to be a championship defense."

4. Brandon Staley on 'competing against' QB Justin Herbert in practice:

"Any time that you're going against elite competitors like a Justin Herbert, a [WR] Keenan Allen, a [RB] Austin Ekeler, a line like ours with [C] Corey Linsley who has seen a lot, it's going to elevate your performance. What I'm aware of is that on defense, your margin for error is so much smaller against the caliber of quarterback like Justin Herbert. The margins are so small and you have to be so much more precise. I think that's really bringing out the best in our defense, especially from a coverage systems standpoint because he can hit any throw that's tightly contested. If you're not tightly contested, those are layups for him. I think it's really bringing out the best in our defense. Today, I really thought that, as a team, we competed hard."

5. Kyler Fackrell on his best trait:

"Being versatile. I have dropped [in coverage] quite a bit in the past, but I have also had some decent success pass-rushing, as well. I bring both of those things to the table, where I offer a lot in both of those areas."

6. Kyzir White on what he wants to improve this season:

"I want to get better at getting off blocks quickly. When I'm tired and fatigued, staying disciplined with my technique. Maybe make more turnovers last year. I want to get better across the board."

7. Brandon Staley on the rookie class:

"I thought that they played well the other night. I really like where that class is. Even getting [DB] Mark Webb [Jr.] back today, I think that you can see what he brings to the table in the kicking game and on defense. I thought [LB] Nick Niemann had a nice game the other day. [RB] Larry Rountree [III], physicality, special teams. [OLB] Chris Rumph [II] has really flashed, really like where he is headed. [TE] Tre' McKitty is showing that he can do the jobs that we drafted him for. [G/T] Brenden [Jaimes], I think, has done really well on the O-line. He's playing guard and tackle. We're really moving him at both spots. I think that he had a really nice night last week, teaming up with [T] Rashawn [Slater] on that left side. He also has shown that as a swing guy, you have to be able to maybe go out and play some tackle. We're using him that way, too. He's been a lot of fun to coach. That whole group, we're excited about them. Rashawn has been everything that we've hoped for and more. He's going to get challenged this week against a good front."

8. Kyler Fackrell on how he would describe Brandon Staley:

"Motivated would be a good word. There are a lot of guys who are relatively young with a lot of talent. We are out to prove ourselves as individuals and as a defense. What I love most about Coach Staley is you can tell by the way that he talks and coaches that he loves football. He's never dragging when he comes into the building. He's about it all the time."

9. Kyzir White on the linebacking core pushing each other to improve:

"Every day we push each other; iron sharpens iron, I truly believe that. [LB] Kenneth [Murray, Jr.] and I will go out there and make a good play, then [LB] Drue [Tranquill] will make a big play. The other linebackers know we need to go out there and step it up. Make big plays, as well, so we don't get forgotten. We push each other every day. It's not with hatred, we want to see everybody succeed. There's no jealousy, we just all want to be better."

10. Kyler Fackrell on OLB Joey Bosa:

"I have watched him from a distance. We both came in [to the NFL] the same year, so I have always had a huge amount of respect for Joey and his game. Just being in the room with him and getting to seeing the way he works, I have learned a lot already. I have been able to take a lot of the great things he does, as far as having that good lean in the pass rush. I really love the way he's free in his mind, really on any he play will go inside or outside. That's what makes it hard on those offensive tackles, or the guards if he steps inside."

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