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Telesco Dishes on Draft Board, Travis Benjamin and Possibility of Contract Extension for Jason Verrett

The first installment in our four-part fan Q&A session with Chargers brass at the NFL Scouting Combine features General Manager Tom Telesco.

At what point during the draft process is the staff completely settled with the draft board? – Andrew De Fazio

Telesco:We tinker around with it all the way until probably a week before the draft. There are not big changes as we get close, but there may be a clump of two or three players where we are trying to get that order right. Sometimes we may get information later in the process that changes things, but that is usually related to medical information or football intelligence.  A lot of the work we do this time of year is not football related.  We've seen what they can do on the field.  So we don't have a lot of big changes later on, but there are always subtle tweaks.

Will Travis Benjamin have a chance to return punts again? – Scott Nichols

Telesco:I would certainly expect he will.  That was one of the reasons we signed him last year.  It was to not only be a wide receiver to give us a vertical threat with speed, but also get us chunks of yardage in the return game.  I would certainly foresee him being back there again.

Tom -- Last year you extended Keenan Allen and I think Corey Liuget a year before. Any plans to meet with Jason Verrett about a long term deal? – Robbie Wingle

Telesco:Right now we are really concentrating on those whose contracts are expiring like Melvin Ingram and some other guys. That is our number one priority at this moment.  We will certainly look at some different players who don't have expiring contracts.  We will talk with them about possible extensions, and obviously Jason will be one of them.  But right now, we are really focused on all the guys who are expiring, the draft, and we will get to those other things a little farther down the line.

I agree with those who say you don't know if you win an offseason until the next year. Well, Mr. Telesco, you certainly won last year with the additions you brought in.  Bravo and thank you.  Are you more proud of the free agents you brought in like Casey Hayward, Brandon Mebane, Travis Benjamin or the draft class with Joey Bosa, Hunter Henry, Jatavis Brown?  Thank you for this chance to speak with you directly.  You are a wonderful general manager. – Dick McGillicuddy

Telesco:That is a really hard question to answer because we don't get wins or losses in the offseason.  We don't get wins or losses on drafts. So, I don't look at it as "winning".  The bottom line is we had five wins last year. Now, those players you mentioned came in and contributed really well for us.  We are very happy with them and proud of how they played. 

Will the new Costa Mesa facility be used this year for training camp? Will fans be able to attend training camp? – William Burke

Telesco:Our fans will definitely be able to attend training camp.  We haven't determined yet exactly where it is going to be, but training camp will be open to attend.

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