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Shawne Merriman: Philip Rivers Will 'Always Find Ways to Motivate'

Philip Rivers #17 leads offense during Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Wild Card Playoff game at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday January 06, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. Final score: 23-17 . (Chargers/German Alegria)

Chargers' great Shawne Merriman was a guest this week on the Backstage: Chargers Podcast, presented by Toyota.

Merriman discussed the defense's dominant performance against the Ravens and looked ahead to Sunday's AFC Divisional Round matchup against the New England Patriots. Highlights from the conversation are below:

Merriman on watching the defense last Sunday in Baltimore (18:25):

"Obviously, it brought back some good memories and how dominant we were, but also I'm just happy for that group and how those guys just stuck together (the) whole entire season. And it was dominant across the board. Some of those guys had the best game of their career – not even just of the season – of their career, and that was the best time to have it."

On Philip Rivers' first-down signal after his nine-yard run (19:55):

"That's why I love Philip. I think that's why the team loves Philip, the fans love Philip. He's just one of those guys that can get you going. He'll always find ways to motivate you and get you going and find a way to be part of the team by getting everybody excited, right? Because I'm sitting at home and I'm watching that and I'm saying, 'If he does the thing that Keenan Allen does with the first down – if he does it I'm going to run around the living room' right? Because I know Philip and I know (how much) he gets into it. It's not even he's joking around, he's just enthusiastic. He's just in the game and he's in the moment. He's not doing anything purposefully, and when feels it, he feels it."

Thoughts on the matchup with New England (23:15):

"Well, it's the Patriots, right? I mean, the rivalry speaks for itself, but more importantly they have so much experience in being in this position – more than anybody else in the National Football League. … This (Chargers) team is not afraid to go on the road and play. (There's) no such thing as, 'We have to be road warriors.' This is a part of these guys' DNA. So, if you go in there and you have this mentality that this is just another game that we have to go out and win, there's nothing different that you have to do."

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