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Rookies Reflect on 2018 Season

Take a look through the top photos of the Bolts' talented 2018 rookie class.

The Chargers 2018 season was a memorable one for not only the veterans, but the youngest players on the roster as well.

After all, the team notched 12 regular season wins, authoring the best Chargers record since 2009. The Bolts also got their first taste of playoff football since 2013.

The importance and gravity of playing in January was not lost on the team's rookies. Instead, it was something they were appreciative of, knowing first-year players on only 12 teams get to experience postseason play each year.   

"I was on a really good team that most people don't really get to be on (in) their first year," Uchenna Nwosu said. "Being around lot of good veterans, a lot of good players, being able to learn a lot. I was able to experience two playoff games, so I know this is a blessing. This doesn't come often.  I was just blessed to be in this position."

Ask rookies in the locker room, and they'll tell you their first season didn't come without adjustments. They'd always hear how different the pro game is from college, but experiencing it and living it daily made it real for them. Luckily though, they were able to rely on the veterans for guidance.

"Obviously coming in, you don't know much," mentioned undrafted cornerback Brandon Facyson. "So I had great guys around me just to teach me the ins and outs of things. My DB room and not even just those guys, (but) everyone on the team was just helpful. They know how a rookie season is. They all went through it. It was a little bit of an easier adjustment with those guys teaching me the ropes, teaching me the ways. It was great."

As Facyson attested, those vets were key to his and all the rookies' development. They were also key to the closeness and bond that permeated throughout the locker room.

"This team was unbelievable," said first-round pick Derwin James, who was a First Team All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection as a rookie. "… (I'll remember) just the bond, man. I can't really explain it. The DBs especially that we had together and the games that we had, I feel like the bond (was strong)."

Despite the 2018 season ending, this group is ready for what's to come in 2019. No longer being the least-experienced players on the roster, a couple passed along advice for the newest members who will arrive in spring to take to heart.

"Stay humble, stay grounded, stay hard working," Nwosu remarked. "You never know what could happen. Any situation (can occur). Your name might be called sooner than you expect, so no matter where you go, no matter what team you get picked on, what round, just keep working. Stay humble and it'll all come to you."

"Have faith (and) stay the course," added Facyson. "Do the best you can every single day. Never take it for granted. God has a way of humbling us all when we take things for granted. You never want to do that. You always want to be thankful, be on the field and it's a blessing. That's the one piece of advice I would give."

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