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Remembering Faye Spanos


Faye Spanos, the beloved wife of Los Angeles Chargers owner Alex Spanos, passed away Tuesday night. She was 92 years old.

Faye Spanos was born in 1926 to Greek immigrant parents in Tarpon Springs, Florida. During the 1900s, Faye's parents emigrated from the island of Simi, in Greece, to be with fellow islanders who had arrived earlier, in search of a better life. When she was nearly three years old, her mother died, leaving a six-month old son and Faye. Although her early life was fraught with sadness and hard times, she was surrounded by an extended and loving family of aunts, uncles and cousins who became a big part of the fabric of her life.

When she was just 18 years old, she met Alex Spanos, who was in the Air Force and stationed at Drew Field in Tampa at the time. After a long-distance courtship, Alex and Faye married in 1948 in Faye's hometown of Tarpon Springs.


Once married, Faye and Alex settled in Stockton, California and worked side by side in the kitchen at the Roma Lunch Bakery, an establishment owned by Alex's father. The young couple began to build their family as they welcomed their children, Dean, Dea, Alexis and Michael. 

As their children grew, so did her husband's success in business. Faye opened her heart and home and shared their good fortune with their large extended families and their community. Known for their philanthropy, she and her husband made donations benefitting schools, children, the arts, hospitals and people in need.


Faye taught everyone around her by example. Guided by faith, she lived her beliefs every day of her life and treated everyone with the dignity and respect they deserved. Faye's name in Greek derives from the Greek word for light, and throughout her life, Faye has been the light and rock for Alex and her family.

She brought balance, encouragement, faith, support and love to her family, and was a blessing who will be missed.


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