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Re-Watch Pair of the Best Bolts Wins Named to NFL Network's Top Games of 2018


This week, NFL Network is re-airing 20 of the best games from the 2018 season, giving fans a chance to re-live some of the best moments from around the league.

Two Chargers games are on that list, and the pair of contests even cracked the top 10.

So, what were the best Bolts games according to NFL Network?

Check them out along with their re-air dates and times below:

WEEK 13: Chargers vs. Steelers


RE-AIR DATE/TIME: Saturday, Feb. 16 at 6:00am PT

The Chargers returned to Sunday Night Football for a thrilling come-from-behind historic 33-30 victory at Heinz Field. How big of a win was this for the Bolts? Huge, and dually meaningful. Just ask Russell Okung:

"We said it all before the game that this is a statement game. This game will really prove, not only to the world, but more importantly to us, are we a playoff caliber team. Are we a capable team? Because the games before earlier in the year we had that we were playing high caliber teams, we weren't able to come through. We made too many mistakes. We were constantly digging ourselves out of the hole. Arguably, that happened in this game, but the finish, there's nothing like that, and I think we really proved that we're the new Chargers for sure."

WEEK 15: Chargers vs. Chiefs


RE-AIR DATE/TIME: Saturday, Feb 16. at 2:00pm PT

Heading into this Thursday Night Football matchup, the Kansas City Chiefs had a nine-game win-streak over the Bolts. Well, that all changed in Week 15 in dramatic fashion. The Chargers surmounted an incredible comeback to win the game in the final seconds, secured their first playoff berth since 2013 ,and according to Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn, helped build confidence:

"I cannot say enough about the resilience of this football team. These guys play for four quarters every single Sunday or whatever they play. It was just good to see them finish the game the way they did. I had a lot of confidence in the players."

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