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Chargers Weekly: Answering Your Mailbag Questions


Matt "Money" Smith and Chris Hayre answered questions from fans about the draft, free agency and more on latest episode of Chargers Weekly, powered by YouTube TV.

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How do you see Austin Johnson fitting in? Starter, rotational DT/NT, or depth piece? -DressforLesss

Money: "When you think about defensive linemen, don't think about them as starters. They're going to rotate, it just comes down to snap counts, really, is what we're talking about as opposed to, 'Is he a starter? Is he out there on the first play?' I mean, think about what are they in? Are they in dime? Are they in nickel? Who are they playing [and] how do they approach that?

"I think you're talking about a rotation as it stands right now, with Austin Johnson, Sebastian Joseph-Day, Breiden Fehoko I think are probably your top three. I think Andrew Brown is still on the roster, so he's probably in that mix. Forrest Merrill is still on the roster, he'll be in that rotation. Jerry Tillery, who played more outside than inside a little bit. ... Christian Covington, Joe Gaziano, those guys were both brought back. You got a rotation, but yes, he is going to get a majority of the snaps at one of those interior lineman positions."

Has Money decided on his Mack Sack call? Or is he waiting for it to come naturally? We've got "HES IN WITH A BOSA BOMB" and "SACK!! BOSA BOLT!" and how excited is he to call those two (Bosa and Mack) on the field? -Hollywood Herbie Hairbear

Money: "I'm still working through it. I'm wondering if like instead of 'Sack Attack' if 'Sack-a-Mack' works. It's a 'Sack-a-Mack' or a 'Mack-a-Sack.' That's kind of what I've been working through. I've got to reach out to my guy Jeff Joniak, who I just spent some time with when we were in Indy at the combine, the play-by-play guy for the Bears, and find out what his call was. And plus I know Greg Papa as well and he was in Oakland doing play-by-play, so I got to find out what they did [and] make sure I don't kind of take...

Hayre: "An adaptation, you know?"

Money: "Exactly. I'm guessing there's was a 'Mack Attack.' It seems to be easy. You like rhyming. You like alliteration, 'Mack Mauling.' So, I'll work through it. But that's a great question because as soon as they traded for him I started thinking about that."

What is one position the Chargers should look into that nobody is mentioning? -Christian Herrera

Money: "Returner. Nobody's talking about returner. Look at the difference that it made when they found a competent returner. Not just a competent returner, but a Pro Bowl-level returner. So, to me, that's something they got to figure out. I don't think that player's on the roster right now. Again, you can't minimize how much different this team looked when they had someone they had confidence in to return kicks and to return punts, and just how many games -- opening kickoff, first punt after a three-and-out. It seemed like every single game you had an impact. So, to me, that's something they need to figure out."

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