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What Will the Chargers Running Game Look Like in 2022?


On the latest episode of Chargers Weekly presented by YouTube TV, Matt "Money" Smith and Chris Hayre answered fan mailbag questions regarding the draft, free agency, uniforms and more.

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While we all know Austin Ekeler has some pop in the backfield, is there any interest in a 3rd and 3 or less back that can power through the O-Line? Kind of like how Turner used to spell LT. Even Tolbert brought that heat to LBs. -@MolagBob

Money: "We talked about it being a big back, a power back, and I think that's what he's speaking to. We just haven't seen it. We have not seen that power back since Melvin Gordon left and when he left, he took it with him and unfortunately it wasn't replaced. Just look at the Saints and the Alvin Kamara or the Darren Sproles years, they always had a hammer, they had both. I think Tom Telesco's certainly going to be on the lookout, whether it's in free agency -- you look at what the Cardinals got James Connor for, for nothing. And how good he was, and just how physical he is. And even in his advanced age, we saw it up close, right? What Latavius Murray did for the Ravens. ... So, yes Bob I'm 100 percent with you."

What is a position of need that nobody is talking about regarding the Chargers? -Christian Herrera

Money: "To me, I keep going back to -- and I know they signed Mike Davis to a deal and Asante [Samuel Jr.] played outside, but to me I love the idea of getting a big corner. ... I think right guard is something that we haven't really brought up. I thought [Michael Schofield] did a really good job considering the circumstances last year and [Oday] Aboushi was great until he got hurt, was really good until he got hurt. I don't know if he's going to be ready, what kind of shape he's going to be in. So, that's probably one that no one's really talking about."

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