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Philip Rivers Reacts to Drew Brees' Major Milestone


Drew Brees became the NFL's all-time leading passer Monday night, leaping ahead of Peyton Manning with 72,103 yards and counting.

On Wednesday, Philip Rivers shared his thoughts about his former teammate's massive accomplishment, offering the following heartfelt reaction to the major milestone:

"It was awesome. I certainly was tuned in watching it, counting the yards down. A heck of an accomplishment. It's crazy when you think about it, how many yards that is. That's a ton of yards, but I think credit to him obviously. And I heard Drew's comments of him thanking and giving credit to so many people who had a hand in it, as you'd expect him to do. Obviously he's a talented player, passer and all those things but I think obviously his hard work and preparation, and really probably maybe more than anything, belief in himself. I wasn't here during the early times of his first couple years, but I know it was a bumpy start. And then I get drafted here in '04 and shoot, he kept me sitting for those two years and I was able to watch and learn and he really got it going then. And then what he's done in New Orleans the last 13 or whatever have been remarkable. So, I was happy for him. He and I still keep in touch, and it was fun to watch."

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