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Philip Rivers Has Deep Trust in Lineman Thrust into Spotlight


From the small university of Grambling State to becoming an undrafted rookie fighting for a spot, Trent Scott is now stepping up to make his mark as a Charger.

Known as a quiet guy who stays focused and keeps to himself, Scott defied the odds to make the Bolts as a backup offensive tackle, moving up from the practice squad after Joe Barksdale injured his knee. Scott saw his most duty Week 4 against the 49ers, slotting in at right tackle after Sam Tevi switched to left to fill in for an injured Russell Okung.

He's made the most of his opportunity.

"I think the one thing that sticks out about Trent is it doesn't seem too big for him," said Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt. "(We didn't) know a lot about him because of where he came from and being an undrafted free agent."

Perhaps the biggest compliment came from Philip Rivers, who noted that he has seen Scott progress through training camp. He is impressed with the unassuming player who has earned his confidence.

"Just his quiet confidence (and) his demeanor (that it) was never too big for him (is what stands out)," he remarked. "You felt that. Then you look up, and he's playing a whole half of football last week and doing a nice job. If he's called on again, he'll have a whole week of preparation this week to be ready. So, yeah, he's a guy that we thought highly of from the start, and gradually he's earned that confidence and respect from his teammates. As a young player, obviously, he has tons of room to improve, as he would tell you, but it's been impressive to see him progress."

While many rookies might be nervous being plunged into the game so quickly, the 6-5, 320-pound tackle didn't have time for nerves when he entered last week's game. Scott ended up played 35 snaps on offense and six on special teams.

Neither Barksdale nor Okung practiced on Wednesday, yet Head Coach Anthony Lynn isn't too worried as the team has options. Both Scott and Tevi have stepped up to the plate at a moment's notice, and the Bolts also have a diverse offensive lineman in Michael Schofield, who has played the position before.

"I thought Trent came in last night and did a great job in the second half," Lynn remarked on Monday. "He held his own over there. … He was a very raw talent when he got here. Pat Meyer, our offensive line coach, has done a heck of a job with the young man. He's just coaching him up, teaching him different techniques and tools that he is going to need to use in this league to be successful. Trent has worked hard at that and you can see it."

Whisenhunt never expected Scott to be at this point so early in his career, but it's a testament to the tackle's hard work and dedication to the game that the Chargers have this much confidence in him this quickly.

"It just goes to show you — and that's what's great about this league, you know — a guy like that that you don't expect, that has worked hard, and all of a sudden, he gets in and he plays," Whisenhunt said. "I mean, wow, that's crazy. It's also exciting because he's shown, I guess it goes back to what I said earlier about it, just doesn't seem to be too big for him. He's done a good job."

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