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NFLN's Steve Wyche Talks All Things Bolts

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) celebrates with wide receiver Tyrell Williams (16) and running back Austin Ekeler (30) after scoring on a 42-yard touchdown pass against the Dallas Cowboys during an NFL football game in Arlington, Tex. on Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017. The Chargers defeated the Cowboys 28-6. (Kirby Lee via AP)

NFL Network's Steve Wyche joined Thursday's episode of Chargers Weekly to discuss a variety of topics related to the Bolts.

Wyche is one of the most respected and versatile journalists in sports with nearly 30 years of experience. He holds a variety of roles at NFL Network and including reporter, host, analyst and senior writer. Wyche is also an authority on the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and will be a fixture during NFL Network's coverage of enshrinement weekend in Canton, Ohio.

Highlights from the interview are below.

The Chargers hiring Wyche's NFL Network colleague Daniel Jeremiah as radio color analyst:

"Chargers fans should be absolutely excited because here's Daniel Jeremiah; besides him just being one of the most wonderful human beings you'll ever encounter, one of the most knowledgeable. I mean, a former scout. He's got people placed all over the league who can give you insight on players, schemes -- he played quarterback in college at [Appalachian] State. I mean, he understands everything, but his knowledge of the players (is top notch). I'm sure everyone on that roster is a player that he has scouted coming through the college ranks at some time and then coming through the NFL ranks. So, he's going to have such a familiarity with the players that are on the Chargers' roster, that are on opposing rosters, that everyone is going to learn something. You just could not have gotten a better person who has all of the ingredients for an NFL expert than Daniel Jeremiah. So, great hire by the Chargers."

The impact that rookie safety Derwin James will have on the Chargers' defense in 2018:

"It's one of those things that's just going to make everything better because in Gus Bradley's defense -- let's use the Seahawks as an example -- that safety spot, which is more of a strong safety, but really a hybrid, really a combo safety, is super responsible in the running game. They'll put so much pressure up front, but if there's a leak or that inside linebacker gets blocked, that safety has got to make tackles in open space. Think of Kam Chancellor. Think of Keanu Neal with the Falcons. That is what Derwin James that can be, except he's faster. He's probably better in coverage, but he plays with the type of ferocity where you're not going to have some of those leaky runs that you had last season where someone gets past that first line of scrimmage, the middle linebacker gets hemmed up and bam, there's a 20-yard run. That's not going to happen with Derwin James."

The Chargers' offensive weapons:

"And speaking to Anthony Lynn this offseason, he is so excited about (wide receivers) Mike Williams and Tyrell Williams being just potentially big-time complements to Keenan Allen. I mean, the potential for the Chargers – I think that's why you're seeing a lot of hype going into the season as the Chargers being the team to beat in the AFC West."

Bobby Beathard's induction into the Hall of Fame:

"I think that it's great that Bobby Beathard is going in. And it just goes to show if you can be creative and nuanced, yet brilliant, there's a place for you out of this class now, which will rise to 318 after there've been more than 30,000 people involved in pro football over this period of time. And you think about that, and it's why they say that immortal bust that's going to be in those halls -- it is an amazing, an amazing honor and everybody in there has earned that right."

Listen to the entire interview with Wyche below. Other topics include the return of Jason Verrett (6:35), the offense's potential (9:25), and who will contend in the AFC (16:10).

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