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NFL Institutes Radical Rule Change Allowing for Pass Interference Review 


It's been a hot button topic since the NFC Championship game with pundits, fans and players weighing in on what possible change, if any, can be made regarding pass interference calls and non-calls.

Would the NFL make a modification, or would it stay status quo?

Well, we now know the answer, and it's that a drastic change is in store in 2019.

Beginning this season, all offensive and defensive pass interference calls, as well as non-calls, are now reviewable.  Coaches can use one of their two challenges on the play, but as always, any reviews in the final two minutes of a half must come from the booth.

The new rule will be instituted for only one year, giving the league a full season to test it out. That's right in line with previous dramatic changes, including recent ones regarding extra point tries and tweaks to kickoffs. After testing those out for a year, both were enacted on a permanent basis.

"I give the coaches a lot of credit and the members of the committee a lot of credit," said NFL Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay. "We went in with the idea that we were absolutely willing to expand it. Now the question was going to be, how far and for what? And the reason that we made the proposals for the DPI and OPI is that we had data that said these are the most impactful plays. And that's what replay was designed for."


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However, that's not the only change the NFL enacted as there will now be automatic replay reviews on any scoring play or turnover that's negated by a penalty.

The NFL cited improving the integrity of the game as the impetus for the change, and used the following official language per NFL Communications.

"For one year only, expands the reviewable plays in Instant Replay to include pass interference, called or not called on the field. Also expands automatic replay reviews to include scoring plays and turnovers negated by a foul, and any Try attempt (extra point or two-point conversion)."

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