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Military Hero: Lt. Colonel Edward "Ed" Reynolds


Lt. Colonel Edward "Ed" Reynolds, Jr. USAF Retired, has had a long and varied career.

For 22 years his service included: Navigator on air refueling tankers, Air Operations Staff Officer, Missiles Targeting Officer for MIRVs (multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle), Intelligence Advisor to the Vietnam Air Force and action officer - for six years - in the Pentagon.  There he introduced computer terminals to the Air Staff and managed the USAF Aircraft Inventory database. 

He has 5,000 flying hours including 640 Combat hours in 147 Combat Missions.

Following his service in the Air Force, he worked as an International IT Management Consultant at United Airlines, SRI International and several other defense contractors. He formed service management consulting groups for companies before focusing on traveling the world. He is one of only 100 people known to have visited every country in the world.

He currently leads a Monday morning meeting for Wings Over Wendy's, where over 300 veterans meet weekly at the Wendy's Restaurant in West Hills, CA.

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