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Mailbag: Will We See More Runs from Philip Rivers?


Q: RICK! I've been asking for Phil to run a QB sneak for years. Brady, Big Ben and all the other "pocket passers" do too so why haven't we I've been wondering. I've been begging for it, and then when he did, I screamed at my TV Sunday lol. Will we see it again? How about more designed runs? – Ethan Ramirez

A: I had to do a double take as well after that happened! I can't remember the last time Rivers did a QB sneak, but the time and place for it made complete sense, Eric Williams of ESPN actually asked both Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt and Philip Rivers about that play, and I think you'll like the insight they both shared.

Whiz – "The element of surprise was more [the consideration]. So of all the fourth down plays that you have that you think are going to be successful, just because nobody was expecting that, we thought it might have a chance. So that was pretty good. You know, I think it had been a long time. It was definitely a surprise, but, no, we felt good about it. We felt good about the guys up front. Like you said, and I agree with you, he felt good about it too… He didn't suggest it, but I don't think he would have had a problem suggesting it, he just didn't think that way. He thought [the coaches] would shut [him] down, so it was good."

Rivers – "It's been a long time (so) it was good to do that. There will be more of that, maybe. It's never anything I've necessarily been against. It's just kind of the way things come up, and we've been a good short-yardage team. It's either been fullbacks or doing some other things. We had to look last week going into the week of prep that we felt looked good and went for it."

As far as designed runs go, I wouldn't hold your breath expecting the Bolts to run RPOs throughout a game.

Q: Do you believe Ekeler should get more touches in the game due to his talent? – Alvin Tunstill

A: I got a couple questions about this as well as have seen a bunch on Twitter…and I don't understand why. Ekeler has been outstanding and effective in the manner he's being used…and he's being used a ton! His 10 touches last week were the second-most on the team outside of Melvin Gordon. Plus, Gordon is among the league leaders in total yards, explosive plays, touchdowns and more. There are only so many touches to go around on offense, and the manner in which these two complement each other at this moment is perfect, so why mess with that?

Q: What do you expect out of Corey Liuget? – Brevin Scher

A: I expect to see the same Corey Liuget we always have, which is one of the game's most disruptive defensive tackles. There is a reason why he was a Pro Bowl alternate a year ago as he is stout against the run while also boasting the ability to rush the passer from the interior. I personally think a fresh Liuget will have a significant impact on the defensive line, but only time will tell.

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