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Mailbag: Will the Chargers Make Another Deadline Deal?

Q: What would you say is Coach Lynn's best quality during this win streak? – Dennis Darwin

A: There are a ton of qualities I could name, with the most obvious being Lynn's ability to keep the team together during an adverse start to the year. At 0-4, it would have been easy to fold and give up. Instead, the locker room remained as tight as ever, showing great resolve to go on a three-game winning streak. However, the quality I've been most impressed with is his flexibility. While a man of strong convictions, Lynn isn't stubborn. For instance, he prefers to get the ball to start the game, preferring to set the tone from the start by marching down the field and putting up points. However, with that not working for the Bolts as they've gotten off to slow starts, he changed course against the Broncos. L.A. opted to defer, forced a quick turnover on defense and raced out to an early 7-0 start. After the game, his answer on why he made that decision shows how his flexibility is an asset to the Chargers:

"If you keep doing the same thing over and over and it's not working, I call that insane. So, I just had to defer. I like to take the ball, but it wasn't working. So we deferred, got the ball in good field position and took care of business."

Q:  When's the trade deadline and what are the chances we make another trade after the one with Dontrelle Inman to Chicago? – Dean Patrick

A: First off, this year's trade deadline is Tuesday, October 31.  Now, as far as if the Bolts will make another trade, while I never say never, history shows the chances are slim.  Wednesday's deal shipping Inman to the Bears in exchange for a conditional draft choice was the first in-season trade for the Chargers in a decade.  The last time they made a trade in-season was in 2007, when they traded a second-round pick to the Miami Dolphins for wide receiver Chris Chambers.  Ironically enough, that marked the fourth-straight year the team made an in-season trade.  So while I wouldn't put the odds quite at zero, I think it is very, very unlikely.

Q:  Will we be seeing more action for Mike Williams, or are we going to continue to limit him until he's 100%? – Jakob Black

A: Mike is 100-percent right now and is not held back physically at all.  However, it's important to note he missed pretty much the entire offseason and training camp.  The past few weeks have been his first action in quite some time.  While the Bolts will continue to use him and increase his reps each week, this will be an adjustment for the young rookie.  For more insight, here's what Lynn said earlier this week when asked the very same question:

"He's worked his way into the rotation. And as he continues to learn the offense and continues to get better in his route running, we'll see (how much he plays)…He's good. From a physical standpoint, there's nothing wrong. He's ready to go. If he wasn't right physically he wouldn't be on the field."

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