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Mailbag: Will the Bolts Draft a QB?

Q:  What are your thoughts on many Mock Draft "experts" saying that this is the year we need to draft a QB? Agree? – @Raulornelas1

A:  Mock Drafts are fun.  Mock Drafts help us learn generally where players are valued.  But I put little stock as to who the "experts" predict we'll select. Barely anyone had us picking Mike Williams or Joey Bosa the last two years.  As far as quarterbacks go, that has been rumored for years as well. As General Manager Tom Telesco routinely notes, they evaluate every position every season.  He did say the team knows Philip Rivers isn't going to play another 10 years, and they do have to have a plan in place for life after him sooner or later.  Still, number 17 is coming off one of his best seasons, and shows no sign of slowing down.  We'll all see what happens together in late April.

Q:  Are you a fan of the Pro Bowl? – Cris Defontaine

A: Yeah, because you just have to accept it for what it is.  You can't watch it expecting a real football game, but I do find it entertaining.  And I can assure you it does mean a lot to the players to get in, and that is not an easy task.  This year, I am just hoping Russell Okung can convince Mike Tomlin to play him at cornerback.  He's been lobbying all week.

Q:  What question do you get a lot that you refuse to answer? – Fred Robinson

A: You would be S H O C K E D how many times I get asked if the Chargers will re-sign Danario Alexander.  I mean, he hasn't played in the NFL since 2012!

Q:  Do players who "drop out" of the Pro Bowl still get credited with a Pro Bowl appearance on their resume? – @Volleylandon

A: They don't get credited with an "appearance" but they are recognized as a Pro Bowler.  So if Joey Bosa makes it again next year, he will be a two-time Pro Bowler even though he did not play in the game.

Q:  How is Forrest Lamp's recovery going? – @Ninkerss

A: Telesco said in his end of the season press conference that everything is on schedule.  Forrest is someone I definitely plan on catching up with soon, so I can hopefully share some more info in the coming weeks.

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