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Mailbag: Who Stood Out at Veteran Mini Camp?

Q: Aight Big Rick. Which rook you hyped for? Don't cop out with Mike Williams. – Des LeBaum

A: I'm going to have to go with Forrest Lamp.  In all my years with the Chargers, I've never seen the scouts and coaches more excited to get a player than Lamp in the second.  I believe they were genuinely shocked he was on the board.  Quite a few draft experts agree as some pundits had him going as high as number 14 in the draft. GM Tom Telesco admitted he tried to work the phones to move up and get him. Once he got passed a few teams at the top of the second, the team decided to stay pat as those ahead of them didn't have a need at offensive line.  There are a lot of rookies I can't wait to see in action, but right now, Lamp is at the top of the list.

Q:  Who stood out at last week's Vet Mini Camp? – Dan M.

A: Man, last week was a lot of fun seeing the offense and defense going at it during veteran mini camp.  Everyone always wants to know who stood out, but truthfully, I wouldn't put too much stock in performances until the pads come on.  Still, I thought Adrian Phillips had an impressive couple days.  He flocked to the ball, had a couple picks and showed his usual knack for being in the right place.  So I'll have to say AP.

Q:  Why were the guys saying Joey Bosa was “disrespected” by being on the Top 100 List? It's an honor! – Rashaad Dawkins

A: No one is saying it isn't an honor.  In fact, they all acknowledged how impressive it was to see the rookie's name on the list.  But I agree with Bosa's teammates; 100 is way too low.  Are they really saying that there are 99 players in the NFL better than number 99?  It's crazy to think that! Personally, I love seeing how proud the guys in the locker room are of their teammate, passionately going to bat for Bosa to be higher on the list.

Q:  With Rayshawn Jenkins being drafted and having a strong presence as a box-safety, would you think Gus Bradley will start him at the strong-safety position, move Addae to free-safety, and have Dwight Lowery come off the bench? – David Tran

A: It's waaaaay too early to start thinking along those lines, David.  Jenkins is a rookie who hasn't even set foot in the building yet while the other two are a pair of well-established vets.  Still, the coaches seem to love Rayshawn Jenkins, and will give him every opportunity to get on the field.  As far as where he'll play, Bradley admitted he sees Jenkins as a box-safety.  Competition brings out the best in everyone, so I'm eager to see how the staff finds a way to get all their talent on the field.

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