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Mailbag: Who is the Most Underappreciated Charger?

Q:  When does the Schedule come out? – Nicolas Sayer

 A:  Soon.  Very soon.  The NFL doesn't announce the exact date until we are 24 hours away, but it has traditionally come out in mid-April.  Stay tuned!

Q: Who is the most underappreciated Charger? – Sal P.

A: Is it crazy that I think it is actually Philip Rivers?  Hear me out.  Yes, he is regarded as the heart and soul of the Chargers and one of the top QBs in the game, but I don't think enough is said about just how remarkable his career has been.  What he's accomplished over the years has been virtually unrivaled.  In addition to owning just about every record in franchise history, he ranks in the top 10 in NFL history in passing TDs (sixth – 452) and passing yards (ninth – 50,348).  He's also only the third quarterback in league history to pass for at least 3,500 yards in 10 straight years while his nine seasons of at least 4,000 yards are tied for the third most all-time. So while everyone knows Philip is a special, I firmly believe his true greatness is generally underappreciated.

Q:  What are the chances the Chargers pick Rashaad Penny or Mason Rudolph in later rounds? – Bruce Craft

A: Incredibly unlikely…because both players will be off the board way before the later rounds get underway.  I'd be shocked if both were around come day three.

Q:  In wet weather games, how much, if any part of their equipment do the players change? – Dean French

A: I went down to the equipment room just now and showed your question to the guys who best know the answer.  The first thing they mentioned were gloves. Most players will switch to rain gloves.  They also change the towel that hangs from their waist as well as wristbands.  Other than that, the players' equipment remains the same.  That surprised me because I assumed they wear different cleats, but since the playing surfaces are so good nowadays and drain so well, there is no need to.  In the past, guys would put longer cleats in, but they don't need to do that anymore.  Interesting question, Dean!

Q:  You tweeted the Bolts are back in a couple weeks.  Isn't training camp in July? – Phillip Hunstinger

A:  Training camp is in July (and we hope to see you back at Jack Hammett Sports Complex!), but I was referring to the start of the offseason program.  Phase I begins April 16, and while it is voluntary, you'll see the vast majority of the players in attendance.

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