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Mailbag: Who is the Most Impressive New Addition?

Q:  Which new addition to this year's roster has impressed you the most, Ricky? – Sam Weaver

A: This is a totally subjective question, but to me, it's Russell Okung.  Everyone knows what the former Super Bowl champion and Pro Bowler is capable of on the field.  But personally, I love the way he's taken control of the offensive line in the locker room and in meetings.  Joe Barksdale noted in a story I posted last week how the culture up front is completely different from years' past, and he stressed Okung has played a vital role in instilling a brand new ethos up front.  

Q:  How is my Clemson boy Artavis Scott looking out there? Hopefully he can work into being a slot guy & returner. – Tre McCowan

A:  Artavis is making a name for himself at Chargers Camp.  He's turned in some of the most acrobatic catches of the summer, particularly on deep balls and in the end zone.  Clemson's all-time leading receiver has a good amount of wiggle when he gets the ball in his hands, and as you mention, had return ability.  The key for Scott is consistency, which is pretty common for rookie wideouts.  The remaining three preseason games will be vital in his push to land a spot on the 53-man roster.

Q:  Ricky, I noticed Branden Oliver is wearing number 32 this season instead of 43. Is there a story behind the new number? – Josiah Marroquin

A:  BO switched from 43 to 32 for one simple reason – it was his college number.  BO wanted to wear it when he was a rookie, but it belonged to Eric Weddle.  Now that it's available he jumped to return to his favorite number from his Buffalo Bulls days.

Q:  What did you like best about playing at StubHub? – Darvin A.

A:  StubHub Center had been billed as an intimate venue unlike any other in the NFL leading into this season.  Having spent some time there over the past few months, I totally agreed with that notion.  But to be blunt, it completely surpassed my high expectations.  Every fan in the stands will feel like they are part of the action, and with how close they all are to the field, it will give the Bolts a huge home field advantage when it starts rocking.  I can't wait to see what it looks like come the Week 2 home opener against the Dolphins.

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