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Mailbag: Who is the Hardest Charger to Tackle?

Q:  Who do you think is the hardest Charger to tackle? – Omar Merritt

A:  Interesting question.  Two players immediately jump to mind, but for different reasons.  The first player I thought of was Branden Oliver.  He is probably the last player I would want to try to tackle as he is so powerful.  BO has a very low center of gravity, and is built like a brickhouse.  He brings the pain when opponents try to tackle him.  The next player that came to mind is Travis Benjamin. Philip Rivers called the new wide receiver the fastest player he's ever thrown to, so I imagine it's pretty hard to tackle someone if you can't catch him.  I asked Jordan Beane and Sam Davis for their thoughts as well, and  Jordan weighed in with Keenan Allen.  Sam took a different approach naming Philip Rivers, defending his answer by explaining he has five guys blocking to keep him upright.  Who do you think is the hardest Charger to tackle, Omar? 

Q:  Who is the backup for King Dunlap and Joe Barksdale? - Chris Chessman

A:  Chris Hairston appears primed to fill the same swing tackle role he played admirably a year ago.  Tough and versatile, he played through numerous injuries of his own to play in all 16 games including 11 starts, appearing at every position except center.  Most notably, he brought Philip Rivers to the verge of tears after he overcame injuries to gut through a career-high 92 snaps against Green Bay.

Q:  Nice Joey Bosa story you put together. A lot of great information came out from the story, so I want to know which you thought was your favorite? – Anderson Ridgley

A:  I first want to thank Tom Telesco, John Spanos and everyone for the access to tell that story.  My favorite piece revolved around the dinner between Bosa and the Bolts before the Ohio State Pro Day.  It lasted for two hours, and while Bosa topped the team's draft board, he looked back at the dinner thinking there was no way the Chargers would draft him.  He expected to fly out to San Diego for a visit or to stay in contact with the team, but instead there was radio silence between them.  As a result, he thought he must have blown it and was blindsided when he got the phone call from the Chargers that they were drafting him. 

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