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Mailbag: Who is the Funniest Charger?


Q: Who is the Funniest Charger? – Marcos Lopez

A: Haven't gotten this type of question in a while so thanks for passing along, Marcos. There are a few that come to mind, but I am going with someone you may not immediately think of – Joey Bosa! He is more reserved at times, but his one liners and dry sense of humor absolutely slay me.  He is honestly low-key hysterical.  I passed along your question to Hayley, and Bosa was also near the top of her list, but she went with a combo of Darius Philon and Brandon Mebane. Clearly there's something about the defensive line!

Q:  No question, but hope you can pass a note to Lynn that his commercial brought me to tears. I love my head coach! – Jessica N'Uann

A: Man, that was pretty powerful, huh? For those who missed it, Coach Lynn was featured in a Super Bowl ad in which he was reunited with the first responders responsible for saving his life. If you don't know his story, check it out here. He really is an inspiration.

Q:  So I'm confused about the Chargers' draft slots...My math would be 28 then 56 then 84 (depending on compensatory). Yet the NFL is slotting us in 28, 60 & 91? – John Hoyer

A: This is one of three questions that came in about this. I think the mistake is, you are adding 28 after 28. Instead, after pick 32, you have to go another 28 picks in which you'll get to 60, and then so on and so forth. Basically, the Bolts will pick 28th after the start of each round regardless of compensatory picks. Hope that clears things up. I'll post a full list of our picks once it becomes official, which usually occurs in early March.

Q:  Thoughts on the Super Bowl? – Bradley Tucker

A: Just one – can't wait for next year's! Bolt Up!

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