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Mailbag: Who are the Best Chargers on Social Media?

Q:  Who is your must follow Charger on social media? – Theo Lassiter

A:  Oh man, this is a tough one.  I'm partial to Stevie Johnson.  His snapchat game is a must watch, especially if you are a fan of Madden.  His commentary and reactions while taking on fans is top notch, and I also enjoy his tweets.  That being said I am also a big fan of Jason Verrett on Twitter.  His Q&A sessions have been great, and how do you not follow a guy who took a fan to a Padres game after he asked the Pro Bowl corner to join him?  I'm also partial to Travis Benjamin's on Twitter.  When it comes to Instagram, I would definitely add Jahleel Addae to your feed. 

Q:  How has Zach Mettenberger been looking? – Ron Husted-Jenkins

A:  The first thing I thought of was a pass earlier this week that was as crisp a throw I have seen in practice. Mettenberger fired a bullet deep down field, hitting Javontee Herndon in stride.  The QB is one of many players you should keep an eye on during next week's mini camp, which is open to the public.  I hope to see everyone out there!

Q:  Watching Cavs vs. Warriors had me thinking - which Charger can ball out on the court the most? And don't say Gates bc he played in college. – Dan Hellickson

A:  Well Antonio Gates is obviously the best answer, but since you disqualified him, I may go with Jason Verrett.  He has the quickness, explosion and athleticism to be a force getting to the rim.  An under the radar pick may be Kenny Wiggins.  He recently schooled Tyreek Burwell in a game of one-on-one, shutting him out 11-0.  I thought this was a rather interesting question, so I asked around Chargers Park.  A few guys in the equipment room had an interesting option I never would have thought of – D.J. Fluker.  Apparently Fluker can dunk a ball with ease and is obviously a force in the middle of the paint.

Q:  What has been done to address the amount of injuries over the last two years? – Michael Genselaw

A:  This question comes in like clockwork each week, but I don't like answering it because it is one subject I feel should only be addressed by coaches and members of football operations.  So on that note, I'll post what GM Tom Telesco had to say on this subject during a recent live chat:

Comment From Rick Willinsky: "Each year can come down to attrition, of sorts....injuries moves to depth to experience. What specifically policies and programs have you implemented in this last off season to help in preventing injuries in all three phases?"

Tom Telesco: "1. do player medical risk analysis before you draft or sign any player 2. evaluate all strength and conditioning programs 3. make sure we are doing the best medical rehab possible to help our players return to the field. Injuries are part of the game of football but we are doing our best in mitigating some of that risk. We have put emphasis on this in the past and continue to do so."  

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