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Mailbag: Which Charger has the Best Hands?

Q: Not the Chargers, not Tom Telesco, but who is a prospect that RICKY HENNE is keeping his eye on not for us but in general? Thanks. – Dane Sampson

A: A lot of people are interested in him, but I have my eyes on Shaquem Griffin out of UCF.  He's the reigning American Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Year in 2016, leading his team in solo tackles, 20 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks in his first season at outside linebacker.  Last season, he totaled 75 tackles, 13.5 tackles for loss and seven sacks in another dominating campaign.  He's a speedy athlete and a punishing hitter who makes the types of players NFL teams covet.  Oh yeah, and he has only one hand.  Griffin lost his left hand due to a rare prenatal condition, but he didn't let that stop him of not only following his football dreams, but excelling at the college level.  So, how can you not keep your eye on someone like that?   

Q:  Not a question, but I just want more Malcom Floyd videos like you shared last week.  I miss him, too. – Molly Anderson

A: Ask and you shall receive!

Q:  What do you think of the Colts hiring Frank Reich? – Calvin B.

A:  Couldn't be happier for Frank…and I think the Colts are big winners, too.  He was one of the smartest guys I've been around, and has a great knack for bonding with the players.  He is quite the charismatic speaker, and I think Indy is going to love him.  This is an opportunity he absolutely deserves, and I think he's going to crush it.  Just hopefully not when he coaches against us!

Q:  Who has the best hands on the team? – Zachary Graben

A: It would be easy to go with the Pro Bowl wide receiver who set the all-time franchise record with 102 catches in a single season.  But while Keenan Allen does have exceptional hands, I actually think the answer is Hunter Henry.  Forget the fact that he didn't drop a single pass his final collegiate season in Arkansas.  The tight end entering his third season engulfs the ball no matter the throw.  He uses exceptional body control to haul it in, and can make impossible catches seem routine.  His grab in the 2016 season finale against the Chiefs may have been one of the most impressive catches I've ever seen.  So, for all those reasons, Hunter gets my vote.

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