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Mailbag: What's Going on at Hoag Performance Center?

Q: Do you think Keenan will be named the league's Comeback Player of the Year? – Bruno Machado

A: If he doesn't, there is something severely wrong with the system. Keenan Allen defined what it means to be a comeback player this past season.

Q:  What goes on at the Hoag during the offseason? – @Georgeyboy8204

A:  A ton!  The NFL season never truly ends as the front office is hard at work.  Coaches and scouts just returned from the Senior Bowl, while Head Coach Anthony Lynn is putting the finishing touches on his staff for next season.  In the coming weeks, every scout returns to Hoag Performance Center ahead of the Combine, which is when the draft board really comes into focus.  In addition, the team is hard at work on free agency while also evaluating the film on their own players from 2017.  So while you may not hear a lot on the outside about what the Bolts are up to, it's as busy as ever within these walls.

Q: What's your unbiased opinion – the better cornerback – Casey Hayward or Jalen Ramsey? – Dean T.

A: Are you kidding me?  Casey Hayward.  No one has broken up more passes the past two seasons, and he's totaled 11 interceptions over that span.  It's not even close.

Q:  With Verrett probably back next season, what does that mean for Trevor Williams and/or Des King who would seemingly be demoted after impressive seasons? – Bruno Machado

A: This is a great question, as neither player deserves a downtick in playing time…but it's also a fantastic problem to have.  I'd argue the Bolts have the deepest, most talented cornerback group in the NFL.  Adding Jason Verrett only makes it stronger.  Right now, I really don't know what it means for Trevor Williams and Desmond King, but these things tend to work themselves out.  I guess we'll see throughout the offseason program, training camp and preseason games heading into 2018.

Q:  So, are the Chargers gonna re-sign Danario Alexander? – Jeff Hotchkiss

A: Very funny.  After I said last week the question I get the most that I don't answer is about Danario Alexander and if he'll make a comeback, a bunch of you kept asking about him.  You also wanted more highlights, so here's one of my favorite plays by DX while he was here.

Q:  Who you taking in the Super Bowl, Henne? – Richie White

A: I'd love to see Frank Reich get a ring, but I can't pick against the Pats.  I'll go New England 27, Philadelphia 20. 

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