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Mailbag: What Position are the Chargers Targeting this Offseason? 


Q: What are the main positions that need to be addressed in this offseason? Are they gonna try fix it with the free agency or draft? What do you think? – David Molina

A: The Bolts will look to upgrade every single position…as they should. All teams should constantly be looking to upgrade the roster across the board, even at the spots they are deepest. However, General Manager Tom Telesco admitted that there is one position the team will focus on in free agency and the draft – linebacker. It's only natural that they'd evaluate their LB corps as there are several who are pending free agents, including Denzel Perryman and Kyle Emanuel. As far as if they'll target players through the draft or free agency, I don't think the Bolts are limiting their option to solely one or the other. Overall, here's what Telesco had to say when asked this very same question as he explained how the unit got hit hard by injuries in 2018:

"The good news is, overall, our injuries this year were well above the average. That was the good news. The bad news was that the guys that got hurt — that one position group got hit hard. Between Kyzir (White) getting hurt early, Denzel Perryman, Jatavis Brown — we didn't quite recover from that. As far as having other players step up, we had players step up on special teams. Even Kyle Emanuel did a good job, but he's not an inside linebacker by trade. We had to do some different things in different games. We probably used more defensive backs. Gus (Bradley) did a great job. That position group, it just hurt that we had some guys hurt there. It's one group that we need to focus on pretty heavily in the offseason."

Q: Who should we draft in the first round? – Stephanie D.

A: Best player available. Next question.

Q: Why isn't the Mexico game a home game for the Chiefs? We were home in England last year. – Dean French

A: That wasn't an option as the Chargers are required to host an international game in 2019. The NFL mandates that when a team plays in a temporary stadium, they must be the home team for an international game in London or Mexico City.

Q: What are the guys up to right about now? – Andre Delgado

A: Chatting to them before they went their separate ways, the majority of players plan to take some rest and relaxation for three to four weeks before getting back to the grind. I recommend following their social media accounts and you can check in on what they've all been up to. For instance, Isaac Rochell, Sean Culkin and Dan Feeney all recently took a tip to Yosemite National Park. Meanwhile, Derwin James and Melvin Gordon are making the rounds down in Atlanta while Keenan Allen is spending time with his newborn son after returning home from the Pro Bowl.

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