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Mailbag: What Jobs are Still on the Line?

Q:  What jobs are still on the line to watch for Thursday? – Antonio C.

A: We can only go by what Anthony Lynn has said, and the head coach has been open about jobs potentially up for grabs in the final preseason game.  Acknowledging there is competition across the board at every position, he emphasized the team is keeping a close eye on the secondary.  Lynn was pretty blunt with reporters, saying depth at cornerback and safety is still being evaluated.  The head coach in recent days has also said that offensive line, kicker and punter are other areas the team will be taking a closer look at heading into the final cut down day.

Q:  Is there an update on Forrest Lamp? – Patrick Connelly

A:  Good time for this question, as Lynn told reporters on Monday that the second-round pick had surgery on his torn ACL a few days ago.  The head coach said the procedure went as expected, and Lamp is projected to have a full recovery.

Q:  How much stock should we put in preseason performances? – Hector Lupan

A:  This is going to sound counter intuitive, but I put a lot into individual performances but very little into the outcome of the game.  You want to see players go out there and execute at a high level, especially those fighting for a roster spot.  There's a big difference between excelling in training camp practice and doing it against another team in a full contact game.  There are a lot of pieces that go into the final puzzle when evaluating a player, but I personally think there is nothing that compares to performing in an actual game.  That being said, you can't get too bent out of shape.  Very little to no game planning occurs in the preseason, which often impacts individual and team performances as well.  There are many examples of teams going winless in the preseason and then winning their division.  Likewise, there are often times teams go undefeated in exhibition play but end the year owning a top 10 pick.  

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