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Mailbag: Keenan Allen Should Win Comeback Player of the Year

Q:  No question, just sayin' Keenan's been ballin' but not getting enough love.  He's been fire! – Clay D.

A:  Couldn't agree more, Clay.  For my money, Keenan Allen should be the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year.  You are talking about someone who played only two quarters in a year and a half, but has picked up right where he left off.  KA13 has caught 44 passes for 596 yards, which both rank 15th in the NFL.  More importantly, Allen is also the number one wideout on third down, coming through in the clutch with a league-leading 21 receptions and 333 yards on the money down. After missing the final eight games of 2015 with a kidney injury and virtually the entire 2016 campaign with a torn ACL, Allen is absolutely the NFL Comeback Player of the Year in my book.

Q:  What can be done to improve 3rd down conversions? – Nolan Klub

A:  There's no magic answer.  The team just needs to execute better.  Earlier in the season it was a number of third-and-longs that put the Bolts behind the eight ball.  However, last week, they failed to convert on 3rd-and-1 on four separate occasions.  The inability to move the chains on third down has been the offense's Achilles Heel, and must be remedied. 

Q:  How will our defense's game plan change now knowing that Tyrod Taylor isn't starting? – Plezboldenv2 (via Snapchat)

A: The news that the Bills were turning the reins over to rookie Nathan Peterman this week against the Bolts certainly took everyone by surprise.  Peterman is a completely different quarterback than Taylor, who has a track record of carving teams up with his feet.  As far as the game plan goes, here is what Head Coach Anthony Lynn said noting the team is preparing for both quarterbacks:

"We're still looking at it like, if (Taylor) suits up, we have to be ready for him. Because if he comes in in the second half — if the other guy struggles, he comes in — we've got to be ready. He can present a lot of problems for a defense."

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