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Mailbag: Do the Chargers Know Who They're Selecting at #3?

Q: The draft is basically here and nothing has leaked about who we are taking.  Does Tom really not know? What gives?  How do we not know who we're planning to take?– James Mayes

A: In this case,  a lack of leaks doesn't qualify as indecision.  Far from it. General Manager Tom Telesco, Head Coach Mike McCoy and the front office know who they will take third overall, but it's a testament that in this day and age, they've managed to keep their plan secret.  I hate to break it to you James, but that's a good thing that you have no clue!  That means the rest of the NFL doesn't, either.

Q: Which position is the most important to have depth at? – Eddie Salaam

A:  A cop out answer would be all of them, because you can never have enough depth at any position.  If forced to pick one, I may be in the minority but I'll go with cornerbacks.  The NFL has evolved to where teams often have three or four on the field on most plays.  Not only do you have multiple CBs on the field at once, but you must have players waiting in the wings in case of injury to any of those top three or four guys.  Offensive line is a common answer, and there really is no right or wrong one.  But for me, cornerback is the first that came to mind.  If I was a GM I'd probably invest a draft choice in a CB each year, and Telesco has done that so far (Steve Williams in 2013, Jason Verrett in 2014 and Craig Mager in 2015).

Q:  Everyone says the defensive line has the most depth this year in the draft.  Do you agree?- Matthew Rhett

A:  Telesco and Mike McCoy share that sentiment, and I agree as well.  In fact, even back at the Scouting Combine in February, virtually every pundit and scout marveled at the depth along the D-Line.   For me, the question isn't if the defensive line has the most depth but rather how it may impact the Chargers' decisions.  Here is what Telesco had to say about how a position's depth plays into the team's selections:

"If you are looking at two positions, and maybe have two players rated pretty close together, and that one position, if you don't take him there's really no one below him we like, and at the other position there are three or four more guys maybe later that we feel really strongly about, that would definitely play into who you'd take when….  And then usually, if you like both, you take one and then you sit there (crossing your fingers) hoping like crazy that guy's still there for you. "

Q:  Since it's draft time, I have a draft room question. Last year there was a hammer on the draft room table as a focal tool. Is the hammer still on the table or is there a new tool?- Ray Ray Baty

A:  I assume the hammer will be back out there, but I'm not really sure.  I haven't asked.  The Chargers will have a draft war room cam this year, so you'll be able to check for yourself.  And of course, we'll have some exclusive photos from inside the draft room as well that you can check out tomorrow night on

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