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Mailbag: Are the Bolts Looking to Draft a QB? 


Q: I read that we're trying to re-sign Melvin Gordon, but I thought he wasn't a free agent until after next season. What gives? – Avi Paar

A: You're mistaken in what you read as Gordon is under contract for next season. However, in his end of the year address, General Manager Tom Telesco was asked if he'd try to lock the running back up on a long-term deal before he even hits the open market. This is exactly what the Bolts did a year ago with Casey Hayward and a couple years back with Keenan Allen as well. Here's what Telesco said:

"I think it's something that we'll definitely look at. I mean, he's a huge part of our offense. He's a warrior for us. He does all of the little things to be a great player that you don't see in this room — all of the little things you need. I love having him. We're happy to have him. It's probably something that we'll look at in the offseason. The good thing is that we have a lot of good, young talent. Trying to retain that core moving forward will take some work."

Q: Is this the year we finally draft our next QB? – Rivers Fan

A: I get this question every single year. I'll let Telesco answer this one as well, since it's the same exact message I've passed along since the general manager took over in 2013. I hope it's the last time this question comes up this offseason, but I won't hold my breath. Anyway, here's what Telesco said:

"Since the day I arrived here, it's something that we've looked at every year. It just hasn't lined up yet. It's too hard to tell right now."

Q: Should we expect to keep all of our depth at the running back position with Melvin Gordan, Justin Jackson and Austin Ekeler next season? – Zach Blane

A: All three are under contract, so I don't even think there's any question that they'll head up the running back corps in 2019. Gordon and Ekeler each averaged over five yards per carry while Jackson showed what he's capable of when given the chance, averaging 4.1 ypc. The Bolts have a powerful three-headed monster on the ground, so I highly doubt they're going anywhere.

Q: What do you think of the Chargers playing in Mexico City? – Jaime Moreno

A: I think it's awesome! More importantly, so do the players. I've had a chance to talk with a few of them since it was announced the Chargers will host the Chiefs in Mexico City next season, and it's pretty clear they're awfully excited. The Bolts loved playing internationally a year ago, and it clearly proved to be a galvanizing experience. As Melvin Ingram says, it's truly "Any Squad Any Place", and now Mexico City will be added to the list.

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