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Mailbag: A Closer Look at the Bolts' Trick Plays

Q:  Real talk here, Henne.  Why is Keenan Allen so damn good? – Jeffrey C

A:  Funny, I was just talking about this in my office a couple minutes ago.  Keenan is just so smooth in everything he does.  He runs all his routes at the same speed, so the defensive back can't pick up on any "tell".  It's been an absolute pleasure watching him these past couple weeks.  Again, it would be a shame if he isn't named the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

Q:  Why doesn't the team use Corey Liuget or Brandon Mebane in offensive goal line sets as a runner? Maybe send a receiver straight up the gut on a fake field goal? Bring back some old tricks. – John Hoyer

A:  The team converted a 51-yard flea flicker last week and I prefer to keep rolling with those types of trick plays than bringing a defensive lineman in for a goal line carry! Anyway, Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt actually talked about trick plays like last week's flea flicker:

"We've had it in and repped it before.  Tweaked it a little bit here and there.  You just never know with those.  It's obviously hit or miss, and this one hit.  So it was good.  It's a lot of fun when that happens."

He also talked about the reverse they ran in which none other than Philip Rivers somehow ended up as the lead blocker!

"We had our meeting Saturday night before the game and that was one of the plays we reviewed and showed on tape.  In practice, Philip led it out to the front.  But in that case, the defensive end was there.  He went with this big shovel block on the defensive end of course wearing no pads out there and shorts…  So I said Philip's going to go past that end and lead it down the field, which he did, but he didn't block anybody.  He looked like a parade master going down the field.  It's always fun when those kinds of plays work.  Our guys executed it well.  We had it called earlier in the game at one point but didn't have a good coverage for it so Philip checked out of it; which is one of the benefits of having a guy as good as he is at that position.  I would have preferred if he had just gone ahead and run out of bounds so he could just get out of the action.  But, when those things work, they're a lot of fun."

Q:  Hey Ricky – What are King's changes to win DROY? Who is he embattled with? Thanks! Bolt up – Dave Ewing

A: Not sure, but how about we try to get him the Pepsi Rookie of the Week Award after he balled out against Washington.  King had a career-high 10 tackles and notched his fourth sack on the year.  I think that's worth a couple clicks to help him win the award!

Q:  What is the little GREEN square spot on the back of Phillip Rivers helmet? – Matt Holly

A: The green dot signifies that the helmet has a radio device in it in which the player can communicate with the coaches to get the play call in.  If you notice, every quarterback around the league has the green dot.  Likewise, one player on defense has it as well.  Good observation.

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