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Lynn Says a Lot's at Stake in Preseason Finale 

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One last chance.

That's all some have to prove they belong on the 53-man roster. However, Head Coach Anthony Lynn explained on Tuesday how it's just one piece to a larger puzzle. To him, the last game can be impactful, but it isn't the sole decision maker for the roster cuts that will happen after.

"We look at the whole process, the big picture, the whole time we've had you," Lynn said. "The games definitely matter, but it's not just the last game."

While he takes all of training camp into consideration, Lynn also noted that the last preseason game can shine a spotlight on someone and influence the team's decisions.

Last year, that player was undrafted rookie Austin Ekeler.

The running back out of Western State had 58 yards on three receptions and rushed for 50 yards on eight carries during last year's preseason finale vs. the 49ers. Those stellar stats helped Ekeler earn his spot on the roster. He then went on to finish his rookie campaign with 260 rushing yards, 279 receiving yards and five touchdowns.

"There's always a surprise," Lynn said of the last game. "Sometimes it's like last year (with) Austin Ekeler. He kept improving over and over. Every time he (was) in the game, we pushed the ball down the field and that wasn't an accident."

Lynn said he constantly reminds the younger players that, "It's not over until it's over."

Still, there's more than roster spots that will be up for grabs come Thursday. Lynn will also use the final preseason game to help determine who may enter the starting lineup.

One spot he pointed to in particular was the WILL linebacker spot.

"We still have guys that are competing," Lynn said. "Kyzir White, JB (Jatavis Brown), all of those guys. Who's going to be the starting lineup day one? Looking at defensive linemen, looking at depth on the offensive line, looking at the backup quarterback position. I'm looking at the whole roster."

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