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Lofton: 'I Think We're Seeing the True Mike Williams'

Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, September 23, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Final score: 23-35.

Rookie safety Derwin James, Team Dietitian Erica Capellino and Hall of Fame wide receiver James Lofton were guests on a new episode of the Backstage: Chargers Podcast presented by Toyota.

James took time on his day off to discuss the impressive start to his NFL season, how he prepares for game day and his football idols; Capellino provided insight into player nutrition during the rigors of an NFL season; Lofton – a former wide receivers coach with the Chargers – shared his unique perspective on quarterback Philip Rivers and tight end Antonio Gates. Additional highlights are below.

James on Chargers vets who have helped him early in his NFL career:

"I'd say (safeties) Jahleel Addae and Adrian Phillips -- those two guys – and also (cornerback) Casey Hayward. Really, those two guys – Jahleel and Adrian – it's kind of like they took me under their wing. And they're always talking to me during every play, in practice and in the games, and just making sure I'm on top of everything and it's like having a coach out there with me on the field."

Lofton on the hot start of wide receiver Mike Williams:

"I think that when you are drafted as high as he was and, like you said – size, speed, strength and obviously we can see the skill level that he's able to play at, you do have all those intangibles. You just have to be able to put them together, and maybe the most important thing – the other "S" I could throw in there is 'stay on the field' because you have to be healthy in this league. If not, the guy who's playing behind you really isn't a whole lot less than you are and he's going to be given opportunities if you're not ready to play, so – Mike Williams last year couldn't get healthy for long stretches of time, but this year I think we're seeing the true Mike Williams and the reason the Chargers drafted him so high."

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