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Tom Telesco on Chargers Selecting Justin Herbert and Kenneth Murray in the First Round


Chargers general manager Tom Telesco has said in the past, the player they select in the first round is someone he and his staff don't just like, they love.

Well in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, they didn't just get one player they loved, they got two.

Here's what Telesco had to say about Justin Herbert and Kenneth Murray, and how the first round went.

On Selecting Herbert and Murray in the First Round

"That is one of the more exiting things, when you can get everybody on the same page with players. It's really hard to do. You all have different opinions on players and styles and how they fit. And there's a lot of us involved… To find players that everyone is really invested in is really important to us. These players, just by positions, are different, and their personalities are different, but they're the same in so many ways like how they play the game on the field, and how they conduct themselves off the field. They fit with us really well in both of those categories."

On Expectations for Herbert

"He needs to come in and learn. That's the biggest thing. I think (Tyrod Taylor and Easton Stick) being in the room, they're going to help him. They both know how to study the game. They both know how to prepare. Obviously, Tyrod knows a little bit more than Easton as far as how to prepare in this league. But he's just going to have to come in and learn. The quarterback position is difficult to play in this league. It takes a lot of preparation and learning from great people. Between our quarterback room, plus offensive coordinator Shane Steichen and senior coaching assistant Rip Scherer, I think it'll be a really good group for him to learn from."

On Murray's Combine Interview

"There are certain guys in each draft that you just really connect to. We've done hundreds and hundreds of formal Combine interviews over the years, and a lot of them run together. His was memorable.... When he walked out of that room, there was a buzz. So much so, I think (defensive coordinator) Gus Bradley would have taken him right then and there if we could have drafted him. He just had one of those interviews you'll never forget. You could just feel his presence in there. You could feel he'll have some leadership ability as he gets older. You could feel how much he loves the game and how much he prepares for the game."

On the Draft's First Virtual Round

"It was fun. It really was. You had access to everybody, it's different that you have to look at them on a screen. The only thing I missed was celebrating the picks with the whole front office in the same room. You kind of miss that team aspect of everyone together. And you make a pick that we all think can really help their football team…. The whole process was fine. Nothing was different for us. We made a trade, the trade with the New England, we had no technical issues there, and it was very smooth how we handled it."

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