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Jon Gruden is a "Big Fan of Rivers"


On playing the Chargers…

"I have a lot of respect for this rivalry wherever we play it… I enjoy playing this matchup, always have." - Head Coach Jon Gruden

"I get to go against my former team and a lot of my friends, so I'm excited for that." - Wide Receiver Tyrell Williams

On QB Philip Rivers...

"(Philip Rivers) is one of the premier quarterbacks in the league and one of the great gameday competitors. One of the all-time trash talkers ever, PG (-rated) trash talk too, that's a credit to him. But I think he's great for football, he's great for the game. We know we're going to get a great performance from him as the season's winding down. He remembers a lot about this rivalry, too." - Head Coach Jon Gruden

"He's super competitive, but also a great guy… We've competed for six years now. That's a long time to play against someone multiple times a year, and I love competing against him. He talks trash to our defense (and) talks trash to our coaches and all of those kinds of things. But he's someone you respect. He doesn't cross the line." - Quarterback Derek Carr

"He's just a great competitor. I can't tell you how many times I've gone against him, both here and in Cincinnati. He does a lot of stuff at the line of scrimmage, getting in and out of plays...He's a competitive guy. He'll try to stick the ball in there, and it's always fun to go against him, for sure." - Defensive Coordinator Paul Guenther

On the similarities between Philip Rivers and Brett Favre…

"In fairness to (Brett) Favre and in fairness to Rivers, they can do things that the normal guy on the street can't do. They can stick it in tight windows, they have the ability to hold the ball until the very last second, they'll take a hit, and they'll attempt some throws that normally guys won't attempt. A lot of guys will throw it away or take a sack or whatever. These guys are aggressive, they're gunslingers...I'm a big fan of Rivers." - Head Coach Jon Gruden

On Rivers' trash talk…

"I feel like he mostly chips with the defensive linemen...I was always down the field, so I never really got to see it, but then you see clips like that pop up. You hear him talk in training camp, and it's always fun. It kinda brings a little bit more juice to practice." - Wide Receiver Tyrell Williams

On RB Austin Ekeler…

"(Austin Ekeler) does some of the jet-sweep motions, they'll put him out there in the flank and run routes, (they'll) put him in the backfield and run the ball with him, (and they'll) run some screens. He can do all of it. He's a really good player." - Defensive Coordinator Paul Guenther

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