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Joey Bosa Walking in Father's Footsteps

Joey Bosa was a household name heading into the 2016 NFL Draft, but many may not know that the game of football is not only his passion, it's in his blood.

"My family and I are as close as you get," Bosa said.  "Just sharing (being drafted) with them, and all of us crying like babies, hugging each other and jumping around.  I can't dream of it being any better than that.  I am very emotional right now, but I'm trying to keep myself together.  This is a dream come true. My family means so much to me, and I'm happy seeing how happy and proud they are of me."

Both Bosa's father and uncle were former first round draft picks.  John Bosa, Joey's father, was drafted 16th overall by the Miami Dolphins in 1987.  The pair becomes the fifth father/son duo to be drafted in the first round in the past 10 years.  A year after John was drafted, Joey's uncle, Eric Kumerow, was also drafted by the Dolphins at the same spot.

"(The Draft) was a very different process and much more nerve-wracking as a dad than a player," said John Bosa.  "It was obviously fantastic.  We didn't have to sit for too long and that was exciting.  I'm just happy for him.  He's worked so hard and deserves everything and he's just happy to be here."

John said it was never his intention to have Joey and his other son Nick (who will also play for Ohio State) play football.  In fact, he tried to expose his sons to different sports but said once the pads came on, he knew the career path Joey would ultimately choose was "inevitable".

"Football is wonderful," he added.  "It helped my sons become best friends like they are now.  Obviously it gives you great opportunities in life, but it's also something that forges relationships with lifelong teammates and coaches.  There's a bond between players who go through a lot of adversity and training together (that makes them) always be friends."

Not wanting to micromanage his son's career, John knew his best role was as Joey's father and not coach.  His goal was to surround Joey with a close group of people he knew would help guide his son from high school to the NFL.

"The type of football I played years ago is so different.  So growing up, he was fortunate to (play in) really good youth programs, great coaches in high school and obviously his Ohio State coaches. I was just helping him surround himself with good people and let them do their thing."

With all the success Joey has achieved through his college career, none of it surprises John.  He attributes it all to his son's work ethic and said it's something Chargers fans can expect from the rookie.

"He'll fit into the scheme and the coaches will use him the way they feel will help the defense.  He'll be the first guy in and the last guy out.  He's a hard-working kid.  He's got great talent but what makes him great is that he's never satisfied.  He always wants to get better every day; always working on his craft.  I think those are the keys to his success."

Joey Bosa takes the stage after finding out the Chargers are picking him with the third overall pick.

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