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Joe Tessitore on Anthony Lynn: 'That's the Stock I'm Buying'


The voice of "Monday Night Football" Joe Tessitore was a guest this week on a new episode of Chargers Weekly from the 2019 Pro Bowl in Orlando.

Tessitore will be on the call for Sunday's game alongside analysts Jason Witten and Booger McFarland at Noon Pacific on ESPN. NFL Network's Brian Baldinger and Optimum Scouting's Eric Galko also joined this week's podcast. Highlights from the conversation with Tessitore are below.

On the Chargers' 2018 season (1:20):

"I was one of the few when you look at that ESPN master grid who had the Chargers as my Super Bowl pick. So, I was watching the season very closely. I loved the roster that was put together. I picked them, I think in late July when everybody was going into training camp, and then obviously there were a few critical injuries. But, the fact that they still fought through those injuries (and) performed the way they did – I thought Philip (Rivers) obviously had a magnificent year. I thought that they showed the depth of the team and I just loved everything about them. I thought they were coached extremely well. I thought they had a real fight to them."

On Head Coach Anthony Lynn (3:00):

"I actually think he may be the most grossly underrated coach in the entire league. … I think he's a phenomenal coach. I think that the next few years are going to be continued ascent. Obviously, with a division rival that's going to create some incredible matchups and competition, so, I think he's got them where you want them and you're sitting the guy who – if I'm buying a stock price in the coaching ranks, that's the stock I'm buying."

On rookie safety Derwin James (8:00):

"He's a freak of an athlete: the measurables; the ability; the ability to cover space, but yet still be a physical presence. … Probably, there's no position in the league that has changed more than that (safety) position. If you can have the rangy, yet physical freak that can play in the middle of the field, walk into the box (and) support the run, but still match up with anybody in coverage whether it's a big-bodied tight end, which in this day in age these tight ends you are facing are so athletic…"

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