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Jim Trotter Talks Keenan Allen's 'Drive to be the Best'

Los Angeles Chargers vs Oakland Raiders at Oakland Alameda Coliseum on Sunday, November 11, 2018 in Oakland, CA. Final score: LAC 20 - OAK 6

NFL Network's Jim Trotter was a guest last week on the 100th episode of Chargers Weekly from the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Trotter discussed his feature on Pro Bowl wide receiver Keenan Allen from last September. He also shared his thoughts on the Chargers' 2018 season, Philip Rivers entering his 16th NFL season and more.

ESPN's Adam Schefter and Matthew Berry, Broncos great Steve Atwater, and's Gregg Rosenthal were also guests on the podcast. Highlights from the conversation with Trotter are below.

On what he learned about Allen while writing the feature (33:10):

"I had seen Keenan from afar, but never really spent time with him. So, I was just curious knowing his talents, I just wanted to know what the guy was like and what his drive was like. So, when I went down to North Carolina, that's kind of what I learned. You were able to go back and see the roots – where that certain attitude and makeup and drive comes from, and I value that, so I appreciate him allowing me to do that. And what I saw was a guy who very early on learned from his stepdad and his older brothers that there's a certain way you have to play this game if you want to be successful, and as his stepdad liked to say to him, 'It's a grown man's game.' So, even at seven years old, you may get knocked around but you always get up and you keep going. So, it allowed me to better understand that sort of alpha-dog mentality he has when he's on the field and just his drive to be the best."

On Allen overcoming injuries to notch back-to-back Pro Bowl seasons (35:40):

"To see him come back, and then I thought it was pretty telling for him then as he sets his goals going forward, it was never then about catches or yards or touchdowns. It was always about 16, just play 16 games. And he always believed that if he played 16, everything would take care of itself, and it has."

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