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Isaac Rochell Shares Two Pieces of Advice for NFL Prospects

Notre Dame defensive end Isaac Rochell poses for a photo during the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday, March 5, 2017 in Indianapolis. (Todd Rosenberg via AP)

Chargers defensive end Isaac Rochell was a guest on Tuesday's episode of the Backstage: Chargers Podcast presented by Toyota.

Rochell detailed a busy start to his offseason, which has already included a trip to Dublin, Ireland and a Roc Nation Grammy's brunch. The third-year player also discussed his experience at the NFL Scouting Combine in 2017 and being drafted by the Chargers despite not interviewing with the team in Indianapolis. Highlights from the conversation are below:

On the Chargers' coaching staff (8:30):

"We really do have the people to do some crazy things. ... We have an incredible staff that, I mean, you don't even have to think about where they're going to be because you know they're going to come in and they're going to be absolutely committed. They're going to have great energy. They're going to do everything they can possibly do to bring us to where we need to go. So, that's the big thing for us and Chargers fans that they should hang their hat on is, yes, we're always going to have good players, it's the NFL. But more than anything, we have an incredible staff that's going to keep us trending in the right direction."

On what teams look for in prospects (10:50):

"Yes, I think [the combine is] a very important process, but I think more than anything teams are going to want to know that you're going to one: You're going to come in, you're going to compete and you're going to work – and that you're going to be excited about doing that. And then two: A lot of people take it for granted the fact that we spend 12 hours a day with these people around us, whether it be our coaches [or] our teammates. So, a big things for coaches [are], 'Is this guy likable? Is this guy going to be able to come in and be a guy that I can spend 12 hours a day with?' I wish I would have known those things because if you know those two things, it makes things like running the 40 and whatnot a lot easier because you know that that stuff's going to fall in place."

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