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How Signing with the Chargers was "Full Circle" for Donnie Jones

Two days ago, Donnie Jones was at Home Depot doing his fatherly fall duty gathering Halloween decorations for his kids. 

But because setting up the yard is hard work, Jones decided to take a nap – like he's done most days since deciding to retire following his recent Super Bowl win with the Philadelphia Eagles in February.

When the nap was over, he awoke to missed calls from his agent. That night, he was on a plane to L.A., and the rest is history.

Jones called the past 24 hours "hectic" and "crazy," and even though he self-admittedly is still adjusting to the time change, coming to the Chargers is a decision he didn't have to think twice about.

"I went home and I retired, and I was in a position to really evaluate all opportunities," Jones said. "When this one came up, I jumped at the chance to come out here. I'm excited about it and look forward to help contribute and be a part of this team. (It's multiple things.) One, the team. Two, it's a great organization. It's in a wonderful location. And then, just some of the relationships I have not only with Caleb (Sturgis). But, Philip Rivers, some previous coaches. There are some coaches here I've had on previous teams."

Ironically, Jones and Rivers were teammates in the 2004 Senior Bowl before eventually being drafted in that year's class. But that isn't the only Chargers tie to that game Jones can attest to. His squad was coached by the Bolts staff that year, allowing his journey to the NFL to return to its roots.

"I remember he had children at that point, so I asked him how the family was doing. He had one then, and he's got eight now. So, his family has grown. I was on the South Squad with Philip and the coaching staff was Marty Schottenheimer and his staff. It's weird how things come full circle in this league. How the first team I got to work with is the team I'm playing with in year 15. Weird the ways things work in this business. It's a crazy business."

As Jones said, he also comes to the Bolts boasting a close relationship with kicker Caleb Sturgis. The duo was in Philly together with Jones acting as Sturgis' holder. He couldn't be happier to rekindle that friendship nor be more excited to get back out on the field with him this Sunday.

"It's going to be good to be back with Caleb because he's a very talented kicker…. Having some familiarity and being able to be there and build his confidence up. I've been through good and bad with him, so I'm excited for the opportunity to work with him again."

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